A brother and sister’s relationship is like none other. One that transforms from tugging pony tails, childish banter and playing mom’s favourite to being each other’s biggest protectors, cheerleaders and best friends. A relationship that is comforting, joyful, sometimes bitter but always sweet....

kind of like chocolate! Inspired by this special bond, the innumerable chocolate bars that you and bhaiya playfully wrestled for and all the toffee wrappers you found under chintu’s pillow, is our latest collection. An ode to all those sweet memories that were almost always coated and smeared with chocolate. Here’s presenting Bombay Sweet Shop’s second Rakhi Collection; three decadent ‘chocolatey’ sweet treats crafted with Callebaut chocolates, the ‘finest Belgian chocolate’ to pamper your brother or sister with on this auspicious day.

This Rakhi, our Indian Candy bars, have gone through a sweet and salty makeover with our Peanut Butter Mini Patissa bars. Layers of flaky peanut Patissa and luscious peanut milk chocolate ganache, each Patissa is enrobed in chocolate tying all the decadence together! We’ve sandwiched all this indulgence into a ‘mini’ avatar.

The second sweet treat is our Pista Bon Bon, a bite sized treat of chocolatey bliss; two layers of pista burfi filled with a gooey ruby and white chocolate ganache centre and a hint of fresh orange zest reminiscent of Nagpur’s famous ‘Orange Burfi’. This treat is certain to take your sibling by surprise!

Last but not least, our classic treat, the Kaju Marzipan Bon Bon has gone through a Rakhi makeover. Two layers of rich Kaju Katli, filled with a luxurious layer of chocolate ganache and sprayed with cocoa. This evergreen treat brings back all those memories of sneaking around the house during festivals with your partner in crime , in search of that diamond shaped mithai that the two of you always bonded over when no one was watching!

What makes our Rakhi collection special you wonder? Zoom in and you see an abundance of chocolate doused sweet treats, zoom out and you see those treats resemble the shape of a ‘Rakhi’, a sweet sacred thread that denotes protection, brotherhood, strength and love.

So what are you waiting for? Sweeten your Rakhi celebrations with the ‘magic of mithai’ and Bombay Sweet Shop!