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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

Indian Sweets & Mithai

We all know how integral mithai is to Indian culture! No visit to a loved one, no celebration at home and no auspicious occasion is ever complete without a box or two of laddoos or burfis! We all have memories of accompanying our mothers to the local sweet shop! While we’d be busy peering through the glass display mesmerized by all the shapes and colours, our moms would be seen sampling quarters of pedhas and haggling with the mithaiwalla ensuring she makes the best purchase!

There are so many distinct aspects of a sweet shop that we can fondly recall in a jiffy even today! From the golden letters on the big black board listing the innumerable mithais available for sale, the huge display that steals your heart the minute you enter, the smell of ghee perfuming the entire shop and the friendly salesman who’d slip you a few extra tasting portions because he saw your big beady eyes! We all have such vivid sweet shop memories. 

At Bombay Sweet Shop, our mithai has been inspired by so many such memories. While the essence of our mithai is very traditional, a few other facets have been reimagined to give you a product that will truly wow you in today’s day. But mind you, we haven’t meddled with certain classics that we truly believe are quite wonderful as is! 

Let’s give you a few examples now, shall we? Take our Malai Peda for instance, this sweet treat is a rather popular find in mithai shops across India and is essentially milk that is cooked until it becomes mawa, shaped into circles and topped with nuts. Drawing inspiration from the traditional pedha, our version is made by shaping the mawa into tiny bite sized cylinders which is then filled with a luxurious dry fruit filling with ingredients carefully sourced from around the country. The pedha is then sealed with a delicate blushing pink mawa flower. Another pedha that follows a similar technique is our Dulce De Leche Peda inspired by Varanasi’s popular Lal Pedha. Our version is filled with luscious salted caramel and peanut brittle. Our reimagined burfis don’t end there! South India’s favourite sweet, the Mysore Pak also gets a Sweet Shop touch with a kick of coffee! Our ‘Kaapi Pak’ is topped with white and black sesame seeds for crunch and a dash of sea salt. And North India’s favourite Milk Cake is doused in salted caramel at Bombay Sweet Shop! Did you really think we wouldn’t have Kaju Katlis? Our reimagined take has been created as a Bon Bon with two layers of Katli sandwiched with a layer of dark chocolate ganache which is then dipped in chocolate and sprayed once again! One can never have enough chocolate, no?

Enough about burfis, let's talk about our love for laddoos! We have a Mighty Motichur that we take great pride in as well as a Ferrero Rocker Laddu, a riff on the humble besan laddoo that is coated with toasted hazelnuts - fashioned after everyone’s favourite duty free treat, the Ferrero Rocher! 

If you thought this was it, wait till we tell you about the exquisite confectionary we have in store for you. A lot of the treats in this section are inspired by our neighbour the Rani Bagh zoo, and were designed in a format to enjoy while picnicking with loved ones! Some of our best sellers are from this section! 

When our Chief Mithaiwalla travelled to Lucknow and ate a Sohan Halwa at a local bakery, he absolutely fell in love with the crisp biscuit-like texture. This inspired one of our bestsellers, our-the Chocolate Butterscotch Barks, which contains crunchy caramel toffee sandwiched between two layers of chocolate, topped off with toasted almonds and sea salt. Another unique and must have- is our Indian Gummies, bite sized Karachi halwa made with a plethora of seeds like magaz, sesame, poppy and pumpkin seeds that are dusted in a citric sugar like our favourite sour candy treats! If you prefer a dash of savoury, our Everything Chikki does the trick. Bite into a chikki bar made with all our favourite snacks like potato chips, salli, bhel and murukku. Our Chief Mithaiwalla also perfected gluten-free Indian Cookies, a take on everyone’s most cherished teatime snack, the ‘nankhatai’, to nibble on while enjoying all the flora and fauna! 

Apart from these, we have a few more sweets that will become beloved before you know it!

One such heartthrob on the menu is our Coconut Caramel Patissa Bar. It’s no surprise that each one of us has had a preferred layered candy bar growing up. For some it was the nutty Snickers bar, and for others it was Twix. Well, we took our favourite ‘foreign’ chocolate - the Bounty bar - to give you an ‘Indian Candy Bar’ made with Patissa, a mithai similar to the Soan Papdi but slightly thicker in nature. We then recreated the layers with coconut fluff and pepper caramel. Each bar is then hand dipped in chocolate and adorned with gold dust. This one is quite the masterpiece! Another nostalgic number is our Bombay 3-layer fudge, inspired by all those Lonavala weekend getaways and the many boxes of fudge that took over our back seat on the voyage back.

Well at the end of all this, if you’re spoiled with choice and a little perplexed to pick, our sweet shop also offers thoughtfully put together assorted boxes and care packages that you can gift a loved one or yourself to sample a range of our sweets! Before you take that last sweet bite though, don’t forget to devour a few fresh-off-the-Kadai Pyaaz Kachoris! 

You can come enjoy the whole Willy Wonka experience at our Sweet Shop in Byculla or order online in the comfort of your home! Whatever you choose, our sweet treats will be here to tease you, surprise you and most importantly make your day!

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