The Ever-Loved Chocolate Barks

The Ever-Loved Chocolate Barks

Kitchen accidents are not always the ideal situation, but we’d like to say otherwise in this case. One happy kitchen accident gave us a household favourite - Chocolate Barks. One of our most beloved items and our bestseller, this chocolate pick-me-up is like no other. 

Let us tell you a little backstory about our Chocolate Barks (you can always snack on some barks while you’re at it). When our Chief Mithaiwala was travelling through Lucknow, he tasted a local delicacy called Karak Sohan Halwa, which is a flat disc, made by cooking together wheat flour, refined flour, sugar and lots of ghee. This thickened mixture is then poured over mixed nuts in a round mould and left to set, resulting in a sweet that is almost biscuit like! Inspired by the brittle candy texture of this local delicacy, our Chocolate Barks are made by sandwiching a generous layer of silky butterscotch caramel between dark chocolate. It is then loaded with roasted almonds for that satisfying crunch and sprinkled with sea salt to balance out the sweetness. We wanted to make this local delight an on the go snack. And if you’re reading this blog while snacking on some Chocolate Barks (or wanting to snack on some), we’ve done our jobs. 

Our Chocolate Barks

1. Chocolate Butterscotch Barks

This sharp-edged dark chocolate and butterscotch brittle is topped and loaded with almonds and sea salt to give you the perfect crunch and saltiness with every bite. These Chocolate Barks are gluten-free and 100% vegetarian. Our Chocolate Butterscotch Barks are also available in a gift box, to surprise your special someone with a sweet treat. 

2. Til Gur Choco Barks

A limited edition variation of our Chocolate Barks, the Til Gur Choco Bark was inspired by Makar Sankranti traditions a.k.a the til gur laddu! With two layers of dark chocolate sandwiched with jaggery and coated with white and black sesame, murmura and sea salt, we converted the classic laddu into a crunchy bark! 

3. Peppermint & Pecan Barks

We gave everyone's favourite chocolate snack a Christmas makeover! This sharp-edged dark chocolate and peppermint butterscotch brittle was loaded with crunch and nostalgia, in the form of pecan, almonds, and sea salt.

4. Coffee Choco Barks

Combining two of everyone’s favourite, gave us the bittersweet Coffee Chocolate Butterscotch barks. Made with chocolate and infused coffee, these barks were topped with crunchy roasted almonds & sea salt. Sounds like a perfect midday snack to us!

5. Rose & Strawberry Barks 

A seasonal rendition of our Chocolate Barks are the Rose & Strawberry Barks, topped with rose petals and dried strawberry. 

6. Chakna Chocolate Barks

A fun and very true fact - this Chocolate Bark walked into a bar and got a fancy makeover, resulting in our Chakna Chocolate Barks coated with chakli, coal-smoked cashews, toasted peanuts and sesame seeds.

7. Phool & Pista Barks

Made with pistachio, dried flowers and sea salt, this festive Chocolate Bark promises that extra crunch that is essential for every well done brittle. 

While our Chocolate Barks may be the perfect item to snack on, it’s one of our favourite things to make back in the kitchen, because it allows us to exhibit and channel our craziest ideas and flavours! 

Best Chocolate Barks in India

Now that you know everything you could about Chocolate Barks, what’s stopping you from ordering some? And while you’re browsing through our sweets library, you’ll not only find the various Chocolate Barks, but also a range of delicious mithai. All of the mithai, including our Chocolate Barks, are 100% vegetarian and we’ve also got gluten-free mithai options. Bombay Sweet Shop hopes to bring the magic of mithai by deep diving into traditions and giving it our own spin for everyone to experience. 

So, sit back, get on your phone and order in the freshest and tastiest luxury mithai and sweets from Bombay Sweet Shop, be it a midday snack in the form of our Chocolate Barks or a mithai gift box for a loved one! 

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