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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

Fresh off the Kadhai at Bombay Sweet Shop

Visit any sweet shop across India, while you scour through the numerous sweet treats, you are often lured by the smell of hot ghee dishing out the tastiest savoury treats. It’s no surprise how much we enjoy our share of mithai but what we often need is a dash of savoury for that perfect balance! No sweet shop is complete without a little salt and it’s quite customary to enjoy a plate of the sweet shop special while you wait for your treats to be packed for you.

At Bombay Sweet Shop, we wanted to recreate our favourite aspect of a traditional mithai shop in our reimagined sweet shop, to give our patrons something delicious to look forward to always! In fact, we’ve dedicated a special section on our menu called ‘Fresh off the Kadai’ taking cue from all our memories of enjoying these snacks. 

 Since we opened Bombay Sweet Shop we’ve had  a handful of savoury specials on our menu. Our all time favourite is the flaky Kachori. Inspired by the numerous Kachoris we enjoyed on our research trip to Rajasthan, our halwais recreated several versions of this on our menu and currently on the menu are our favourite Pyaaz Kachoris. A Jaipuri favourite, our Pyaaz Kachoris are made out of outer casing of maida and stuffed with a spicy filling of onions and spices. These are then fried until they fluff up and develop a crust. Our Pyaaz Kachoris are then served with a tamarind chutney and a raita. In the past we’ve also had our version of a Raj Kachori topped with chutney and goat cheese as well as a seasonal special Hara Chana Kachori. 

Our Pyaaz Kachoris can be enjoyed from Wednesday to Sunday and can be ordered directly from our website on www.bombaysweetshop.com or through Swiggy and Zomato if you live around our sweet vicinity.

Another savoury special we frequently bring back is a different type of Kachori called the Khasta Kachoris. This is a popular tea time snack that is often found in many of our homes. Contrary to the flaky texture of the Pyaaz Kachori, the Khasta Kachoris have a semi-hard shell and are bite-sized. We wanted to change up the traditional Khasta Kachori a bit by giving it a Bombay Sweet Shop touch. We married both our favourite snacks together - the traditional Khasta Kachori and the Bhakarwadi. While a classic Khasta Kachori is made with a moong dal filling, ours is made with a spicy filling of dried coconut, sev and moong dal. These are then wrapped in dough and fried until golden brown. Now here’s the best part. While our Pyaaz Kachoris can be enjoyed as soon as they’re made on the same day, our Khasta Kachoris can be reserved and enjoyed for upto a month! These Kachoris come in a golden pouch with a net weight of 150 grams. These too can be ordered via our website.

While this is just the start of our savoury specials at Bombay Sweet Shop, we can assure you this is not the end! Stay tuned to our Instagram and expect a sumptuous savoury special every couple of months. Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy a box of our much loved Pyaaz Kachoris!