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  • Sweet Sweet Baby

    Share the arrival of the newest member of your family, the sweetest way, with your loved ones!

  • Band Baajaa Mithai

    Love , laddu & light! Celebrate your wedding union with the magic of mithai! You pick the treat, leave the planning to us.

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    Celebrate professional milestones, festivals, employee onboarding, client & supplier gifting with all things sweet.

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Some Love For Our Customised Gifting
  • "I had a great experience ordering custom mithai from Bombay Sweet Shop. Even though I was overseas, placing the order was a super smooth process with calls, WhatsApp, and emails. The designs of the boxes were customized quickly. On the delivery day, no one had any complaints, boxes reached people on time and the mithai tasted good. All in all a great experience and I was very happy with the service"


    Wedding Client

  • “Bombay Sweet Shop is a sweet remembrance of the old mithaiwalas! Despite having a contemporary twist to the taste and packaging, it's wonderful how they have still managed to keep the authenticity of a traditional mithai alive! We especially LOVE the BARKS! They're an all-time favorite. Having ordered from the sweet shop for a few of our weddings, we have thoroughly enjoyed the process of gifting with them seamlessly. The friendly folks at BSS always go above and beyond their ways to deliver the best”


    Wedding Client

  • “While planning a gift for my baby’s birth announcement, I wanted something that would reflect my happiness and bring a smile to my loved ones. The Patissa and Fudge from Bombay Sweet Shop were that and more. The entire experience of planning a curated box with the team was super easy and fun! The team was very accommodative to help me with logistics and everything else ! Bombay Sweet Shop truly made this milestone of our lives count, with the yummiest treats!”


    Baby Announcement

  • “Buying a piece of furniture for your new house is such an emotional experience for most families. We wanted to give our clients something that celebrates this positive start that they’ve made with us and Mithai from Bombay Sweet Shop was the perfect gift to sweeten this moment. We worked with them to create a custom sleeve as well, which highlighted our message and branding. They have a fantastic team that made the entire process from design to delivery a seamless one!”


    Owner, Magnolia Furniture Store

  • “Bombay Sweets Shop is our go to choice when it comes to gourmet gifting. Whether it was for my daughter’s birthday or Diwali treats, we love the sophistication and the gifting experience. And very unique selection of sweets which makes it different than the rest”


    Head of HR, Trafigura

  • “On the birth of our son 'Dev' we called upon the amazing folks at Bombay Sweet Shop to design a sweets hamper for friends and family. Milonee from the team went out of her way to work with me on the sweets as well as a custom sleeve/bag. Once we sent it out, the response from everyone made out day - they loved the sweets! Some finished them in a day and some savored them like little treasures for many days. Over the months every one I met recounted them again fondly”


    Baby Announcement

  • “Thoroughly enjoyed working with the Bombay Sweet Shop in making custom boxes and bags for our clients around the world. Just the options and availability of specials catering to every taste made this such a memorable gift among all the recipients”


    Entertainment Company

  • "Bombay Sweet Shop has reinvented the mithai with a twist! Truly amazing. Michelin star mithaiwala!"


    Entertainment Company

Customised Mithai Orders for Every Occasion

In India, the tradition of gifting mithai has been around for decades. It doesn’t get any better than receiving freshly made, homemade mithai during a celebration. Everything from weddings to stellar exam results to historic sporting feats are celebrated by unboxing mithai. As celebrations get grander, customers want to celebrate in more unique but personal ways.

At Bombay Sweet Shop, we not only specialize in reimagining mithai but also in creating bulk orders tailored to your needs. Whether you want to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, birth announcement we have the team to help make your celebration extra special. Our mithai includes a range of pedas, barfis and laddus. Each item is reimagined in a modern way to cater to ever-evolving tastes and preferences. For instance, the Kaapi Paak at Bombay Sweet Shop is a coffee flavoured twist on the traditional Mysore Paak. It has the same melt-in-your mouth effect but with the added flavour of coffee and sweetness and acidity from white and black sesame seeds. You can create your own assortment of our mithai for your bulk order. Apart from mithai, we also have a variety of sweet treats that can be added to your bulk order. You can choose from Coconut Caramel Patissa Bars, Bombay’s 3-Layer Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Butterscotch Barks, Rose & Strawberry Barks, Bombay Bhel Chikki Bar, Indian Cookies and Indian Jujubes. Each sweet treat is a unique take on a treat you may have eaten growing up. It’s as tasty as it is nostalgic.

Our Coconut Caramel Patissa Bars may remind you of your favourite coconut chocolate bar growing up. It has layers of patissa, which is similar to soan papdi, coconut fluff, pepper caramel and is finally dipped in chocolate. Our chocolate fudge is a decadent take on the popular chocolate fudge from Lonavala. Our two types of barks are a Chocolate- Butterscotch brittle topped with almonds or freeze-dried strawberries and roses. The Bombay Bhel Chikki Bar is an ode to the snacking culture in India. Sev, bhel, ghatia, murukku etc. make up this sweet and savoury chikki bar. If you like nankhatai, our gluten-free cookie shaped version is bound to become your favourite chai-time accompaniment. Halwas are reminiscent of gummies so we decided to create jujubes from Karachi halwa. The same taste with the puckering sensation of jujubes! You can pick any of these or all of them for your bulk order. To make it easier for you to decide what your bulk order items are, we have a selection of curated hampers.

Our Care Package is the perfect hamper if you are looking to send a bit of sweetness to friends and family. It includes a selection of mithai, Bombay Bhel Chikki Bar, Indian Jujubes and Chocolate Butterscotch Barks. If you love chocolate, our Chocolatey Bag includes Coconut Caramel Patissa Bars, Chocolate Butterscotch Barks and Bombay’s 3-Layer Chocolate Fudge deems perfect. The Sweet Treats Bag consists of a petit box of mithai, Chocolate Butterscotch Barks, Indian Jujubes and Bombay Bhel Chikki Bar. If you are looking for a big gesture, our Big Box of Sweets has you covered. It includes everything at Bombay Sweet Shop. In the gold gift bag, you will have a big box of Chocolate Butterscotch Barks, two Bombay Bhel Chikki Bars, Indian Jujubes and an assorted box of 18 mithai. You can opt for an Art Deco design brass platter to make it festive. You can even place your bulk order online. Visit our website and simply select the hamper you prefer. You can opt to even add a custom note card to your bulk order. Our mithai magicians will show you a variety of in-house cards we can customize for you. You can even opt to have your own design. To speak to a mithai magician about your bulk order, you can visit our website and schedule a virtual appointment. If you have never tried our assorted mithai or sweet treats, we will send you a sample. To learn more about the latest offerings, you can subscribe to our newsletter and find Bombay Sweet Shop on Instagram. We share a variety of information including the history behind the mithai, the techniques involved and show you exclusive behind the scenes making of mithai. If you have never been to our shop in Byculla East, make sure to swing by and say hi!