Reinventing Mithai. But How?


Bombay Sweet Shop is a new celebratory venture by Hunger Inc., the company behind The Bombay Canteen and O Pedro. The timely launch marks the five year anniversary of Hunger Inc. and fittingly puts the spotlight on the sweets that shaped all our happy occasions. However, it’s not mithai as we know it.

Staying true to their ethos of ‘Re-creation’, the thought that has driven The Bombay Canteen and also shaped O Pedro, the company looked at Indian sweets and the tradition of gifting sweets through a new lens of play. The team scoured India, gathering knowledge, recipes and imbibing techniques from the masters.

At the sweet shop, our chefs turned these traditions on their head to create sweets that may look and sound familiar but prompt surprise and wonder through both presentation and flavours.



Bringing Back the Magic of Mithai

Like bees to honey, we followed the sugar trail across India, discovering recipes, imbibing traditions and mastering new skills to build our very own sweet shop.


Celebrating the Diversity of Indian Desserts

We take familiar sweets that we love and create something entirely new. So take a piece, a slice or whole boxes of your favourites and savour some old fashioned sweetness.


Crafting a New Gifting Tradition

A box of our mithai is more than a sweet symphony for your tastebuds. It brings back smiles, fond memories and sticky fingers that need immediate attention.

The Sweet Shop

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    Our whimsical Mithai factory meets a modern cafe and a retail store. The sweet shop at Byculla is a place you come to get lost in the wonder of mithai. From open mithai stations to freshly churned kulfi soft serve, we’ve got it all. Come experience it all in one of our magical mithai tours.

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    When we moved into the neighbourhood of ’cool’, we had to match its vibe. Our humble Mithai shop meets a snazzy dessert bar! With freshly piped Gulab Jamun Churros and swirls of Soft Serve, our mithai shop doubles as a dessert bar after 8 pm with nostalgia-inducing desserts with a modern twist. Come, experience the unexpected!

We're drooling already!

Staying true to its purpose of reimagining traditional Indian sweets, Bombay Sweet Shop brings exciting flavours to its Ganpati collection.

Love their colourful festive packaging

Bombay Sweet Shop's Diwali Collection combines the warmth of nostalgia with modern flavours.

The sweetest thing!

The traditional mithai has been reinvented with modern-day ingredients, flavours and techniques.

Reinventing Indian Mithai, In All Its Sweet Glory!

Two years in the making, Bombay Sweet Shop in Byculla offers a fresh take on Indian mithai. The fruits of this two year journey are sweet, to say the least.

Reimagined delicacies from the confectionery's "chief mithaiwala"

We thought, What if Willy Wonka had a mithai factory?

The Bombay Canteen celebrates mithai with its new brand

The new dessert-cafe in Byculla reimagines the corner mithai store, dishing up aam papad lollipops, ghewar tarts, Indian 'gummies' and a live DIY chikki counter




Girish Nayak

Girish's interest in the culinary industry began at the age seventeen when he interned at ITC Grand Maratha in Mumbai. He enrolled himself at the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration where he fell in love with the world of pastry. He developed a strong foundation in the art of baking and pastry making post the completion of his course at the Culinary Institute of America in New York. He continued to work under various renowned bakers in the States and even learned the art of bread making.

With a yearn to learn more about Indian sweets, he moved back to India and honed his pastry skills with the Olive Group. Girish joined the team in 2018, to bring familiar flavours from around the country, using a mix of traditional and modern techniques to create an offering that is fun, seasonal and created to rekindle the love of Indian sweets. His favourite mithai is the Indie bar.