About Us

Bringing back the magic of mithai

Like bees to honey, we followed the sugar trail across India, discovering recipes, imbibing traditions and mastering new skills to build our very own sweet shop. 

Celebrating the diversity of Indian desserts

We take familiar sweets that we love and create something entirely new. So take a piece, a slice or whole boxes of your favourites and savour some old fashioned sweetness.

Crafting a new gifting tradition

A box of our mithai is more than a sweet symphony for your tastebuds. It brings back smiles, fond memories and sticky fingers that need immediate attention. 

Bombay Sweet Shop is a new celebratory venture by Hunger Inc., the company behind The Bombay Canteen and O Pedro. The timely launch marks the five year anniversary of Hunger Inc. and fittingly puts the spotlight on the sweets that shaped all our happy occasions. However, it’s not mithai as we know it. 

Chief Mithaiwalla

Girish 'Bouncy' Nayak