Sweets Library

A 'sweet' compilation of mithais and sweets we've reimagined and created over time. Browse through our Sweets Library and see what is currently available for you to enjoy!

  • Rangeela Boondi Chikki

    Traditional boondi chikki splashed with rang meets chatpata boondi namkeen in a sticky pool of jaggery, crunchy roasted hazelnuts and almonds.

  • Rose & Strawberry Barks (200g)

    Cupid’s version of our classic Choco Butterscotch Barks, smitten with freeze-dried strawberries and rose petals.

  • Peri Peri Potato Salli

    Golden-fried potato salli tossed in a peri peri spice mix along with almonds, cashews and raisins.

  • Cheat Sweets - Hazelnut Besan Barfi Box

    A take on the popular besan laddu, our barfi is made with the goodness of jaggery, ghee, Bengal gram flour, cardamom, nutmeg and Kashmiri saffron - topped with crunchy-toasted hazelnuts

  • Chocolate Butter Cookies

    Equal parts of chocolate, butter and indulgence - our Chocolate Butter Cookies with rich cocoa, dark chocolate chips and sea-salt are the perfect after meal treat!

  • Badam Paak Box

    An almond cardamom twist on Mysore Paak. Hand-made with love one by one - with only the best ingredients.

  • Chocolate Butterscotch Barks

    A happy kitchen accident, this sharp-edged dark chocolate & butterscotch brittle is loaded with almonds, sea salt & nostalgia

  • Indie Bar

    Our Indie Chocolate Bar is layered with pepper caramel, coconut fluff, patissa and dark chocolate.

  • Bombay's 3-Layer Chocolate Fudge

    Two layers of 70% dark chocolate peda sandwiched with peanut chikki and 55% dark chocolate ganache, topped with peanut cashew tuile.

  • Toffee Butterscotch Cookies

    Our melt-in-your-mouth cookies are rich in nostalgia and indulgence with refined flour, rice flour, butter, and chewy toffee bits!

  • Chilli Cheese Bhujia

    Besan Bhujia tossed in the timeless combination of chilli & cheese!

  • Indie Bar - Peanut Patissa

    Our Indie Mithai Chocolate Bar is layered with peanut patissa and chunky peanut, peanut praline, dipped in 55% dark chocolate.

  • Bombay Bhel Chikki Bar

    A full sized slab of chikki made with jaggery, sugar, assorted nuts, seeds, chakli, salli, chips, sev, ghatia & bhel. Basically all our favourite snacks!

  • Bombay Bhel Chikki Mini (45g)

    A mini version of our Bombay Bhel Chikki, this chikki bari is an ode to the snacking culture in India and especially one of Bombay’s most popular snacks, bhel!

  • Chatpata Kairi Mixture

    A mixture of corn flakes, roasted peanuts, cashews, puffed rice and besan namkeen flavoured with kachi kairi!

  • Mighty Motichur Laddu

    Our sweet take on the old school & traditional boondi Laddoo, an all-season treat! Made with besan, sugar, saffron, ghee & cardamom

  • Super Crunch Chikki

    For every bar, we toss a bag of roasted nuts (peanut, cashew, almond), toasted seeds (poppy, black and white sesame, melon), puffed amaranth, and rose petals into a pool of sticky jaggery.

  • Nutty Gujiya

    Our Nutty Gujiyas are stuffed with coconut, jaggery, pista, cashew, chironji and cardamomーa twist on the classic. This box contains 5 pieces.

  • Super Crunch Chikki Mini (45g)

    A mini version of our Super Crunch Chikki, a chikki bar made with roasted nuts (peanut, cashew, almond), toasted seeds (poppy, black and white sesame, melon), puffed amaranth, and rose petals into a pool of sticky jaggery.

  • Indian Cookies

    Our gluten-free, melt-in-your-mouth nankhatais are rich in nostalgia made with rice flour, besan, ghee, and dusted with icing sugar

  • Cheat Sweets - Vegan Power Laddu

    These power-packed laddus contain jaggery, dates, cashews, almonds, pistachios, figs, coconut sugar, puffed amaranth, seed mix (sesame, poppy and melon seeds) and cardamom.

  • Cheat Sweets - Coffee Milk Cake

    We've amped up the OG milk cake with a cup of joe by throwing in a mix of coffee cashews and charoli, jaggery and coconut sugar! Hand-made with love one by one - with only the best ingredients.

  • Milk Cake

    The classic Milk Cake gets a glossy, malt & caramel makeover.

  • Kaapi Pak

    Our take on the Mysore Paak with a hint of coffee & crunchy sesame seeds!

  • Kaju Marzipan Bon-Bons

    Cashew marzipan layered with dark chocolate ganache and sprayed with dark chocolate

  • Dulce de Leche Pedha

    Lal Peda filled with silky Dulce de Leche filling & peanut brittle.

  • Nolen Gur & Coconut Kheer Kadam

    Malai peda stuffed with palm jaggery-infused rasgulla, coated with desiccated coconut.

  • Malai Peda

    Pedas with a dry-fruit filling of Emerald pistachio, figs, orange zest & rose water.

  • Sweet Shop Rasmalai

    The best of both worlds, our traditional Rajbhog is soaked in saffron sugar syrup and then steeped in an indulgent badam and saffron milk with seasonal strawberries!

  • Til Gud Laddu

    Sankranti without laddus? Never! Made with jaggery, toasted sesame and charoli, we've added some extra love and saffron! So til gud ghya… god god bola

  • Til Gud Barks

    Our Sankranti special chocolate brittle with jaggery caramel sandwiched between two layers of dark chocolate and coated with black and white toasted sesame seeds, rice puffs & sea salt.

  • namkeen

    Jughead's Sour Cream & Onion Potato Salli

    If there is one thing Jughead knows how to do, it is snacking & he’s making sure you do it right! Potato salli flavoured with sour cream and onion and mixed nuts.

  • The Best Coconut Ice Christmas Dessert

    Dilton's Nana's Coconut Ice

    Straight out of Dilton’s Gran’s recipe book, this is an old-school classic with zingy lemon zest!

  • Ethel's Spiced Guava Cheese Barfi

    An Anglo-Indian Christmas classic meets your favourite cheesecake with Ethel’s twist - guava cheese with mascarpone, between guava barfi with spiced guava dust.

  • Betty's Choco Plum Cake Balls

    Chocolate Plum cake with zesty dry fruits and crunchy chikki dipped in chocolate for a little taste of Betty’s world of sugar, spice and all things nice!

  • Reggie's Choco Marzipan Bon Bon

    Bon Bon but make it Christmas? Reggie is the first to do it! Dark chocolate ganache sandwiched between two layers of Christmasy cashew marzipan.

  • The Best Snacking Hamper

    Archie's Peppermint & Pecan Barks

    A dark chocolate & butterscotch brittle with toasted pecans for the perfect crunch & peppermint to add all things Christmas to the bunch! Archie’s bark with a bite!

  • Veronica's 3-Layer Chocolate Fudge

    Peanut chikki & ganache between two layers of dark chocolate peda topped with a peanut cashew tuile - a treat as decadent as Ms. Lodge herself!

  • Super Crunch Chikki

    For every bar, we toss a bag of roasted nuts (peanut, cashew, almond), toasted seeds (poppy, black and white sesame, melon), puffed amaranth, and rose petals into a pool of sticky jaggery.

  • Coconut Cham Cham

    Fresh and juicy, rasgulla is coated with a light dusting of desiccated coconut, filled with fresh malai and topped with pistachio, pomegranate and almonds.

  • Kesar Rabdi Ghevar

    Our take on a classic ghee-fried ghevar soaked in sugar syrup, topped with nuts served with a side of saffron rabdi.

  • Nutty Gujiya

    Stuffed with kalakand, jaggery, coconut, pista, cashew, chironji and cardamomーour twist on the classic

  • Coffee Rasgulla Tiramisu

    Bengali specialty meets Italian classic! Coffee soaked rasgullas layered with mascarpone cream topped with almond brittle and a generous dusting of cocoa powder.
    Qty: 200g (approx.)

  • Special Kali Gajar Halwa

    A winter classic! Comforting Gajar ka Halwa made with seasonal black carrots and garnished with pistachios and almonds.
    Qty: 250g

  • Very Berry Kalakand

    Classic Kalakand with a delicious sweet and tart mixed berry jam.

  • Cheat Sweets - Dark Chocolate & Coffee Barfi

    Refined sugar-free chocolate barfi made with jaggery and coconut sugar with a dark chocolate and coffee ganache center.

  • Cheat Sweets - Nutty Date Barfi

    A little nutty, a whole lot of yummy! A refined sugar-free dry fruit and nut barfi with jaggery, seeds, puffed amaranth and cardamom.

  • Cheat Sweets - Assorted Box

    Our range of refined sugar-free assorted sweets made with natural sugars (jaggery, coconut sugar, dates)- Dark Chocolate & Coffee Barfi, Hazelnut Besan Barfi & Nutty Date Barfi.

  • Cheat Sweets - Box of 3

    Our range of assorted sweets made with natural sugars (jaggery, coconut sugar, dates)- Dark Chocolate & Coffee Barfi, Hazelnut Besan Barfi & Nutty Date Barfi.

  • Sakkarai Pongal

    Celebrate the harvest festival with a bowl of sweet and warm jaggery pongal. Made with coconut, cashews, raisins and cardamom, every bite will take you down memory lane.

    The Best Mithai & Indian Sweets Collection

    Staying true to the ethos of reimagination at Hunger Inc., our team looked at Indian sweets and the tradition of gifting mithai through a whole new lens. Much like our sister restaurants, The Bombay Canteen and O Pedro, we focused our efforts on reimagining Indian food and championing regional cuisine, sourcing from local producers and using only the finest ingredients. Bombay Sweet Shop is where the traditional, a twist on the familiar, and the never-seen-before, come together to deliciously co-exist. Since we first launched in March 2020, we have celebrated regional foods and festivals and many of you have been able to enjoy them in our store or by ordering sweets online.

    Considering the variety of ingredients and festivals we have already celebrated, it was important to document the magic of our mithai. So we have created a sweets library that not only showcases our mithai but also helps capture the ethos of our brand. Whether it was our Christmas Special, Nana’s Coconut Ice or Chakna Chocolate Barks for Father’s Day, you can now learn a bit more about our array of mithai and also order sweets online. When our Chief Mithaiwala, Girish Nayak, travelled all around India, it inspired him to learn more about many of the traditional Indian mithai and bring a bit of every corner of India, straight to your palate. On his travels, Chef Girish learned many of the esoteric techniques involved in the art of making mithai. Whether it was the craft of making patissa or ghewar, Chef Girish researched every mithai, learned the meticulous techniques and brought them back to Bombay Sweet Shop. Our dedication to the reimagination of Indian mithai allowed us to not only create the classic Motichoor Laddoo but also to successfully create our Bounty-ful Boondi Laddoo. We made a dark chocolate boondi in-house, topped with coconut to recreate everyone’s favourite chocolate bar, Bounty! Whether it’s Eid, Christmas, Diwali, Mother’s Day, mango season or World Chocolate Day, at Bombay Sweet Shop, there’s always a reason for you to order sweets online and our sweets library gives you every reason to. You will find a variety of pedhas, burfis, laddoos and confectionery in our sweets library. Each, with its own distinct flavour and history! Our Chocolate Butterscotch Barks are by far the most frequently ordered sweets online. But did you know there have been several renditions of this popular treat? In addition to our currently available flavours like our Classic Chocolate Barks and Strawberry & Rose barks, we also made Phool & Pista Barks for Holi, Coffee Chocolate Barks for Mother’s Day and most recently, Chakna Chocolate Barks for Father’s Day. The best part? It’s gluten free! We want to spread the magic of mithai as far and as wide as possible and extremely accessible. Many of our sweets are gluten free, dairy free and nut free. All our sweets are 100% vegetarian and preservative free. The absence of preservatives not only enhances the quality of the sweets but also means that you must eat them quickly and we’re sure that will not be a problem for you! When you choose to order sweets online, you will find our Sweets Library to be a useful resource. It gives you a quick glimpse into what we have done and what’s available. Each product comes with a set of dietary information and the recommended consumption date. While many of our sweets come and go, there are some classics that are here to stay because they’ve become an absolute favourite. We know it can be overwhelming to order sweets online. So we created assorted boxes filled with your favourite laddoos, burfis, pedhas and sweets. Once you browse the Sweets Library, click on ‘Buy Now’ to order the individual mithai you want or head over to the Shop section to get the assorted boxes and hampers filled with your favourite mithai. If you would like to further customize your box, call us on our Mithai Hotline and a Mithai Magician will help create a box tailored to your preferences. Each box comes with a menu insert so you know what to order next time you want to gift mithai to a loved one. So head over to our sweets library to learn more about the magic of our mithai!