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A 'sweet' compilation of mithais and sweets we've reimagined and created over time. Browse through our Sweets Library and see what is currently available for you to enjoy!

The Best Mithai & Indian Sweets Collection

Staying true to the ethos of reimagination at Hunger Inc., our team looked at Indian sweets and the tradition of gifting mithai through a whole new lens. Much like our sister restaurants, The Bombay Canteen and O Pedro, we focused our efforts on reimagining Indian food and championing regional cuisine, sourcing from local producers and using only the finest ingredients. Bombay Sweet Shop is where the traditional, a twist on the familiar, and the never-seen-before, come together to deliciously co-exist. Since we first launched in March 2020, we have celebrated regional foods and festivals and many of you have been able to enjoy them in our store or by ordering sweets online.

Considering the variety of ingredients and festivals we have already celebrated, it was important to document the magic of our mithai. So we have created a sweets library that not only showcases our mithai but also helps capture the ethos of our brand. Whether it was our Christmas Special, Nana’s Coconut Ice or Chakna Chocolate Barks for Father’s Day, you can now learn a bit more about our array of mithai and also order sweets online. When our Chief Mithaiwala, Girish Nayak, travelled all around India, it inspired him to learn more about many of the traditional Indian mithai and bring a bit of every corner of India, straight to your palate. On his travels, Chef Girish learned many of the esoteric techniques involved in the art of making mithai. Whether it was the craft of making patissa or ghewar, Chef Girish researched every mithai, learned the meticulous techniques and brought them back to Bombay Sweet Shop. Our dedication to the reimagination of Indian mithai allowed us to not only create the classic Motichoor Laddoo but also to successfully create our Bounty-ful Boondi Laddoo. We made a dark chocolate boondi in-house, topped with coconut to recreate everyone’s favourite chocolate bar, Bounty! Whether it’s Eid, Christmas, Diwali, Mother’s Day, mango season or World Chocolate Day, at Bombay Sweet Shop, there’s always a reason for you to order sweets online and our sweets library gives you every reason to. You will find a variety of pedhas, burfis, laddoos and confectionery in our sweets library. Each, with its own distinct flavour and history! Our Chocolate Butterscotch Barks are by far the most frequently ordered sweets online. But did you know there have been several renditions of this popular treat? In addition to our currently available flavours like our Classic Chocolate Barks and Strawberry & Rose barks, we also made Phool & Pista Barks for Holi, Coffee Chocolate Barks for Mother’s Day and most recently, Chakna Chocolate Barks for Father’s Day. The best part? It’s gluten free! We want to spread the magic of mithai as far and as wide as possible and extremely accessible. Many of our sweets are gluten free, dairy free and nut free. All our sweets are 100% vegetarian and preservative free. The absence of preservatives not only enhances the quality of the sweets but also means that you must eat them quickly and we’re sure that will not be a problem for you! When you choose to order sweets online, you will find our Sweets Library to be a useful resource. It gives you a quick glimpse into what we have done and what’s available. Each product comes with a set of dietary information and the recommended consumption date. While many of our sweets come and go, there are some classics that are here to stay because they’ve become an absolute favourite. We know it can be overwhelming to order sweets online. So we created assorted boxes filled with your favourite laddoos, burfis, pedhas and sweets. Once you browse the Sweets Library, click on ‘Buy Now’ to order the individual mithai you want or head over to the Shop section to get the assorted boxes and hampers filled with your favourite mithai. If you would like to further customize your box, call us on our Mithai Hotline and a Mithai Magician will help create a box tailored to your preferences. Each box comes with a menu insert so you know what to order next time you want to gift mithai to a loved one. So head over to our sweets library to learn more about the magic of our mithai!