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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

Bombay Sweet Shop’s Cheat Sweets no refined sugar range, is made with all things good! 

Mithai has played such an important part in all of our lives growing up. But there comes a stage in many of our lives when you feel the need to either hold back from eating sweets or you simply cannot. How do you fight the urge then? You simply find alternatives! The qualm most people who cannot eat mithai during cases like this is the presence of refined sugar in the mithai. In olden times mithais were also made with substitutes like jaggery and honey but today most mithai shops make traditional sweets with refined sugar due to large scale availability, its versatility as well as suitable price points. Over the past couple of years with changing times, larger brands have now started catering to the more conscious audience by developing sweets made with jaggery as well and no added sugar treats. 

 After spending months perfecting traditional mithai, we at Bombay Sweet Shop also decided that it was time to take the next step. We wanted to look into the category of no refined sugar sweets so that people of all age groups and food choices can enjoy our sweets and the magic of mithai! While doing our fair share of research, we first started by understanding what was already available in the natural sugars mithai category. One collective observation our entire team had was that often what’s good for you , may not be fun to eat. In fact a large number of sweets and candy we ate in this category didn’t have the indulgent and decadent appeal which became our top goal to attain. 

 Developing a no refined sugar range is definitely not as easy as it looks because you aren’t simply replacing the sugar. Any replacement has a huge impact on how the mithai tastes, the texture , the shelf life and many more factors. In fact, before even developing the range of mithai, our team started this process by first understanding the different alternatives to refined sugar and experimented a whole lot with it. We started the process by using natural sugars in our existing sweets in varying proportions to understand the role it played. Once we did that, we noticed which type of sweets complemented well with naturally available sugars and only then went on to the next step of invention. For our No Refined Sugar category our mithai magicians developed three mithai. 

 The first one is our Coffee Milk Cake. For everyone who couldn’t stop eyeing our fudgy milk cake, we decided to make an alternative with no refined sugar and also spiked it with a cup of joe. Our Coffee Milk Cake is made with milk, coconut sugar, jaggery, cashews and charoli for crunch and topped with an almond. The best part about using coconut sugar and jaggery is that coconut sugar is made from coconut palm sap and gas 25% less sucrose than refined cane sugar and jaggery has been known for its great benefits for as long as we can remember. A rich source of iron, jaggery also contains 30% less sucrose than refined sugar.

 Next is our Power Barfis. power-packed barfis containing jaggery, dates, cashews, almonds, pistachios, figs, coconut sugar,  puffed amaranth, seed mix(sesame, poppy and melon seeds) and cardamom. You can either eat it for breakfast, during breaks or when the universe gives you too much to handle. The dates in our power barfi help with nutrients, fibre, minerals and natural sweetness and nuts & seeds as we all know are packed with healthy fats, fibre and crunch! These chewy indulgent squares are the perfect exercise for also attaining that enviable jawline!

 Last in our no refined sugar mithai collection is the Chocolate Khubani Peda. two layers of chocolate peda with no added sugar, sandwiched with chopped apricots and garnished with blue cornflower and edible gold dust. Apricots aren’t just delicious but also rich in antioxidants and great for your skin!

 This new Bombay Sweet Shop Collection made with natural sugars is called Cheat Sweets, that gives you all the goodness of mithai but none of the refined sugar. We truly believe this is the perfect cheeky loophole for that new year resolution you made.  Our Cheat Sweets can be ordered directly on our website on www.bombaysweetshop.com and are also available on Swiggy & Zomato. You can also swing by the Sweet Shop as you watch our magicians prepare these treats,  and even taste them before you make your sweet decision!

 Our natural sugars range is 100% vegetarian with no added preservatives. The perfect gift to gift a friend who’s been trying to cut down on sugar, a family member who has the sweetest tooth or a loved one who loves to snack!

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