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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

 Best Mithai in Mumbai

Evidence at Bombay Sweet Shop suggests that not only kids but also adults behave quite similarly in a candy store. It is easy to get overwhelmed when you have an array of fresh Indian mithai to choose from. Especially when many of the reimagined Indian mithai, are ones you may not have never tried before! To solve this quandary, we have listed out the most popular Indian mithai and sweets you should try at Bombay Sweet Shop. 

Our bestseller category lists the best mithai in Mumbai that you can enjoy to fulfill solo cravings or share with your friends and family. To introduce yourself to the magic of mithai - start by biting into our bestselling Choco Butterscotch Barks - it is easily one of the best mithai in Mumbai. Inspired by Lucknow’s Sohan Halwa is our brittle with two layers of chocolate, one layer of butterscotch caramel, topped with almonds and sea salt, this is a rather addictive snack. Next up is our mithai.  At Bombay Sweet Shop we have reimagined laddus, pedas and barfis. Borrowing from what we love and adding a splash of our sweet imagination our mithai is where traditional meets modern.

Start with our laddus - we have a Motichur Laddu, a Ferrero Rocker Laddu and a Kheer Kadam. We loved the motichur laddu so much that we didn’t want to change a thing about it. Our Ferrero Rocker is a take on the traditional besan laddu. We’ve always loved the besan laddu but we thought it had the potential to be taken up the notch so we decided to roll them in toasted hazelnut. When you look at it - it’ll instantly remind of everyone’s favourite duty free treat, the Ferrero Rocher. The Kheer Kadam is a traditional Bengali sweet that is essentially malai peda wrapped in nolen gur rasgulla and rolled in desiccated coconut. If your loved one is a laddu lover this is the best mithai in Mumbai to get them.

Next up is barfis! Our barfis come in all shapes and sizes. Let's start with the classics. Remember how every small pooja, every temple visit and every occasion ended with a sweet malai peda crusted with a sliver or two of pistachio? We decided to recreate the malai peda to make it a whole lot more indulgent by making it a cylindrical shaped treat stuffed with a luxurious dry fruit filling and sealed with a malai peda flower. Similar to the look of this our Dulce de leche peda filled with silky dulce caramel and peanut nougat inspired by Lucknow’s famous lal peda. We then have our Milk Cake and Kaju Marzipan Bon Bon. We wanted our Milk Cake to look like an actual cake - doused it in caramel and topped it with a chocolate filigree. The Kaju Bon Bon is an ode to Goa’s love for cashew marzipan - layered with chocolate ganache and sprayed with chocolate to represent the look of a bon bon.

In addition to mithai, we also have a category of Sweet Treats - the category with the best mithai in Mumbai and all our favourites. This has our bestselling Bombay’s 3-Layer Fudge, Indie Bar, Cookies and Chikkis. Our fudge is inspired by Bombay's favourite weekend getaway Lonavala. Every trip back included the essential pitstop for fudge and chikki. We recreated the fudge with chocolate peda, chocolate ganache and peanut brittle -perfect for sharing. The Indie Bar is India’s first mithai chocolate bar made with flaky patissa, coconut fluff and a pepper caramel. If you’re visiting loved ones in any part of the world, the Indie Bar is the best mithai in Mumbai to take to them. Who doesn’t love munching on chikkis and cookies - we have a Bombay Bhel Chikki with all our favourite snacks and a Super Crunch Chikki amped with the crunchiest nuts! Our Cookies are a nod to old school bakeries - we have an Indian Cookie inspired by the nankhatai and Toffee Butterscotch Cookies inspired by our favourite butter cookies.

To balance the best mithai in Mumbai we have the best namkeen. Enjoy our Chilli Cheese Bhujia and Peri Peri Salli both recreated from flavours tossed in nostalgia.  And to add the best mithai in Mumbai in one place - we have our hampers - one for every occasion. Care Packages to send to someone to show that you care, hampers for birthdays, anniversaries, good days and bad ones.

Buy the best mithai in Mumbai by visiting our website www.bombaysweetshop.com. If you live around our sweet neighbourhood you can order on Swiggy and Zomato and you can always swing by our sweet shop to pick up your favourites.