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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

 The Best Mango Mithai

Summers are synonymous with a lot of things but in India, if you ask someone what summer is to them, most of their answers will lead to mangoes! From ice lollies to aam ras, cakes to just mangoes and fresh cream, every Indian’s childhood is bursting with delicious memories of mangoes! With a wide variety to choose from, mangoes imbibe the true essence of all things summer. Apart from being one of the most diverse fruits, its unique shape and sweet aroma are unmatched by others. Millions will agree that sinking your teeth into the soft plump flesh of a mango could bring you true joy and turn any frown upside down! Apart from being an indulgent juicy treat, the sweet fruit is often a favorite among many and makes the perfect ingredient for making the best mango mithai.

For many people, mango holds a special place in their childhood memories. This summer, with our new collection, we want to rein in the nostalgia attached to all things mango and childhood summers. A sweet, sour, summery delight waiting for you to dig in, introducing Mango Masti!

If you’re a fan of classic summer desserts or you love trying new and exciting flavours, we have something for everyone with our new mango mithai collection! We bring you a variety of the best mango mithai and other specials that combine traditional nostalgic recipes with our own unique twists to satisfy your sweet tooth. Don't miss out on the chance to experience the perfect blend of old and new with our mango specials like no other.

Do you remember those insanely good Jim Jam biscuits from your childhood? We wanted to evoke a sense of nostalgia with the best mango mithai we could possibly make and our Mango Raspberry Barfi with a tart raspberry jam does just that! 

If you love cheesecake, get ready to enjoy the best of both worlds! Our Mango Cheesecake Bon Bon is a layered mithai unlike any other! The base, just like a classic cheesecake, is made with biscuit peda and is layered with decadent cream cheese & aam papad. This is then topped with a layer of rose petals dressed mango peda to make the perfect bite.

Everyone loves a tall glass of mango smoothie to cool off and we took that memory and turned it into a bite of indulgence! Our Mango Smoothie Peda is made with the freshest mango pulp folded into a peda. Filled with a mango yoghurt ganache and house-made mango jam, the best mango mithai is sprinkled with blue cornflower and pistachios.

And of course, the freshest mangoes of the season had to feature on our limited edition specials too!

Our ever-loved rich Ghevar Tart got a new summer look! The Mango Ghevar Tart
with mango ras malai and fresh Alphonso mangoes is garnished with rose, saffron and mint. It is served along with a side of rich mango rabri to make the ultimate mango dessert!

Our Mango Kalakand is topped with freshly chopped Alphonso mangoes, aam ras and indulgent tres leches is one you cannot skip!

Nothing beats our nostalgic variation of the best mango mithai and if you can’t get enough and can’t pick just one, we suggest our ever-in-demand Assorted Mango Mithai box with 9 of your favourites! Our Assorted Mango Box has a mix of our Mango Jim Jam, Mango Cheesecake Bon Bon and Mango Smoothie Peda.

All our sweets are prepared and packaged with the highest safety protocols to make sure it brings back the tastiest, most nostalgic mango memories. To make it even more fun and truly a whole experience, our packaging is designed to resemble the classic red and yellow mango boxes that line every street corner. 

You can get your fix of this season’s best mango mithai by walking into The Bombay Sweet Shop store at Byculla, very close to the scenic Rani Bagh. Our Willy Wonka inspired place is a great place to wind down and indulge in our seasonal frosty as well. If you can’t make it out, we can bring these treats to you! Yes, we deliver across Bombay on the same day or you could even pre-order your favourites!

Indulge in these delicious treats for an instant pick-me-up and if you have a mango-obsessed friend or family member, you can even send them some so they too can enjoy the best mango mithai of the season!