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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

Pedas & Barfis with a Sweet Shop spin!

Who doesn’t have memories of sinking their teeth into Pedas and Barfis! From the first time you ate a Malai Peda during a festival, to the first time you enjoyed a chunky dry fruit Barfi gifted by a loved one, we have all eaten numerous types and amounts of Pedas and Barfis growing up. When we were conceptualising the menu for Bombay Sweet Shop, we definitely knew we had to have this quintessential Indian mithai on our menu. We reimagined our favourite Pedas and Barfis to give you reimagined treats that will make your heart and stomach very happy indeed.

First up is our reimagined Malai Peda. A Malai Peda is nothing but reduced milk that has been cooked down with sugar until the stage of mawa and shaped into a flat mithai. The commonly found Malai Peda is studded with nuts on top. In our version instead of merely garnishing the mithai with nuts we decided to stuff the Peda with a luxurious dry fruit mixture of figs, pistachios and orange zest. Our Malai Peda is cylindrical shaped and adorned with a blushing pink mawa flower. Next up is our Dulce de Leche Peda. When we tasted the Varanasi Lal Peda for the first time, while we absolutely loved it, we did feel it lacked texture and was a bit one dimensional. We then decided to elevate it by adding a few elements for added texture. Our version is filled with a silky dulce de leche caramel and peanut honeycomb. 

Who hasn’t eaten and loved Mysore Paak? We all have thoroughly enjoyed this ghee rich sweet treat from Krishna Sweets. We decided to reimagine this with a kick of coffee, owing to this mithai’s roots. Our Mysore Paak is called a Kaapi Paak and is topped with white and black sesame seeds and a dash of sea salt cutting through all the sweetness. Next up is the fudgy Milk Cake. Several renditions of the Milk Cake are eaten in India, varying in textures and consistency but called by other names but our version is inspired by the popularly eaten up North. Our milk cake is made with malt and is finished off by being glazed in a silky caramel and topped with a chocolate filigree to look like an actual cake. 

Our Kaju Marzipan Bon Bon is the best of both worlds . Many of us might be familiar with marzipan, the soft sweet treat we enjoyed during Christmas. In the West, most marzipan is made from almonds. While in India we make it with abundantly available cashews. When our Chief Mithaiwala, Girish Nayak was traveling around Europe eating a variety of sweet treats, one being chocolate coated almond marzipan,  the idea struck him. What if we adapted the techniques used to make Kaju Katli and Bon Bons to make a fusion sweet. Kaju Katli is similar to Marzipan in its consistency, taste and look. So chef made a Kaju Katli base and layered it with dark chocolate, then finished it off with a spray of dark chocolate. The result was the gluten free chocolate, Kaju Marzipan Bon Bon. We first launched the Kaju Marzipan Bon Bon as a part of our Christmas collection but it has been so popular that it has become a permanent feature on our menu. 

Other than these classics that are always available on our menu in our assorted mithai box or a box of 9 and 18, we also have lots of limited edition festive pedas and barfis launching every couple of months. 

At Bombay Sweet Shop, we have a Peda & Barfi for every occasion and every mood! To check out our entire collection, visit our website www.bombaysweetshop.com