Love, Magic & Mithai! Make Bombay Sweet Shop a part of your special day!

Love, Magic & Mithai! Make Bombay Sweet Shop a part of your special day!

A wedding is unimaginable without mithai. Regardless of how much one loves western confections, you know there’s a wedding in the house when every tray is decked with laddus and every nook of the house is filled with boxes of barfis. Right from sending out invites to the day of the special celebrations, mithai is such an auspicious element throughout every wedding tradition.

At Bombay Sweet Shop, we understand how emotional and important your wedding day is and our mithai magicians ensure that you’re delighted every step of the way. We help you choose from a wide variety of designs or you can even create your own original art, picking the colour that best suits your celebrations and curate an assortment of sweets that you and your loved ones will enjoy. We will make sure to add plenty of magic to your wedding festivities with our customization abilities.



Why us?

We know how much goes into planning a wedding and we want to take one  major thing off that checklist! From a detailed conversation understanding everything you need, a guided tour that helps you customize your packaging, an elaborate mithai tasting where you can sample our sweet treats and lastly ensuring your boxes have a personalized message or card addressed to all your loved ones, trust us to make sure every step is seamless, right up to deliveries!



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Some Love For Our Customised Gifting

We were lucky to be a part of their special occasion and here’s what they had to say!

Mithai Gift Hampers for Weddings

A wedding comes to life because of so many different moving parts and can never be done by one person. Needless to say, a wedding house is full of mayhem – from outfit shopping, gifts, décor, food, sweets, guest lists and so on – the tasks are endless and every task is as important as the one before and the one after. But what helps is finding a method in the madness and a team of trusted individuals to get the job done. A very important non-negotiable aspect of a wedding though has got to be mithai. Right from sharing the news of the BIG DAY with loved ones, sending sweets to the in-laws to setting up elaborate sweet displays during the traditions and thank you gifts – mithai is prominent constantly.

At Bombay Sweet Shop, we not only specialize in reimagining mithai but also in creating mithai wedding gifts tailored to the need of your occasion. Our mithai includes a range of pedas, barfis and laddus. Each item is reimagined in a modern way to cater to ever-evolving tastes and preferences yet rooted in tradition and technique. For instance, the Kaapi Paak at Bombay Sweet Shop is a coffee flavoured twist on the traditional Mysore Paak. It has the same melt-in-your mouth effect but with the added flavour of coffee and sweetness and acidity from white and black sesame seeds or our Kaju Bon Bon that is a Kaju Katli layered with decadent ganache, inspired by the European bonbon.. You can create your own assortment for your mithai wedding gifts.

Apart from mithai, we also have a variety of sweet treats that can be added to make your mithai wedding gift extra special. You can choose from Coconut Caramel Patissa Bars, Bombay’s 3-Layer Chocolate Fudge, Choco Butterscotch Barks, Bombay Bhel Chikki Bar, Indian Cookies and Indian Jujubes.

Each sweet treat is a unique take on a treat you may have eaten growing up. It’s as tasty as it is nostalgic. Our Coconut Caramel Patissa Bars may remind you of your favourite coconut chocolate bar growing up. It has layers of patissa, which is similar to soan papdi, coconut fluff, pepper caramel and is finally dipped in chocolate. Our chocolate fudge is a decadent take on the popular chocolate fudge from Lonavala. The Bombay Bhel Chikki Bar is an ode to the snacking culture in India. Sev, bhel, ghatia, murukku etc. make up this sweet and savoury chikki bar. If you like nankhatai, our gluten-free cookie shaped version is bound to become your favourite chai-time accompaniment. Halwas are reminiscent of jujubes so we decided to create jujubes from Karachi halwa. The same taste with the puckering sensation of jujubes! You can pick any of these or all of them for mithai wedding gifts.

To make it easier for you to decide what your mithai wedding gift to get, we have a selection of curated hampers. Our Care Package is the perfect mithai wedding hamper if you are looking to send all our signature Bombay Sweet Shop treats. It includes a selection of mithai, Bombay Bhel Chikki Bar, Indian Jujubes and Chocolate Butterscotch Barks. If you love chocolate, our Chocolatey Bag includes Coconut Caramel Patissa Bars, Chocolate Butterscotch Barks and Bombay’s 3-Layer Chocolate Fudge deems perfect. The Sweet Treats Bag consists of a petit box of mithai, Chocolate Butterscotch Barks, Indian Jujubes and Bombay Bhel Chikki Bar. If you are looking for a big wedding gesture, our Big Box of Sweets has you covered. It includes everything at Bombay Sweet Shop. In the gold gift bag, you will have a big box of Chocolate Butterscotch Barks, two Bombay Bhel Chikki Bars, Indian Jujubes and an assorted box of 18 mithai. You can opt for an Art Deco design brass platter to make it all the more festive!

And you can always customize your own hamper based on what your loved ones will like!

If you are sending mithai wedding hampers outside Mumbai – you can pick between Bombay's 3-Layer Fudge, Chikki, Cookies and more!

So what are you waiting for? Make your wedding day extra special by sending your attendees mithai wedding hampers from Bombay Sweet Shop – the perfect amalgamation of tradition and modern sweets.