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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

Our love for Laddus!

When in doubt, eat a laddu! Well, this is an idea we pretty much swear by at Bombay Sweet Shop! The laddu has been a part of every Indian celebration and every occasion. It is simple, comforting and absolutely melt in the mouth delicious!

 Our love for laddus is eternal and we knew we had to have a few of our favourites on the menu for you to sink your teeth into! At Bombay Sweet Shop, we currently have three of our favourite laddus on the menu. First is the Mighty Motichur Laddu. A sweet so simple that you simply can't get enough of. We call them Mighty Motichurs because of the impact it has! Our Motichurs at Bombay Sweet Shop are made the traditional way with the appropriate amount of ghee and are flavoured with saffron! Our halwais make sure that each boondi is of the same size making them blend homogeneously yet stand out individually like pearls.

The thing about Motichur Laddus is that the minute the mixture comes together, they must be immediately rolled when warm for it to hold its shape. Hence all our halwais come together to roll these laddus.

Our Mighty Motichur Laddus are garnished the classical way with marigold and are in fact gluten free! 

Next up is our Ferrero Rocker Laddu inspired by the Besan Laddu. The humble besan laddu is such a traditional offering as a part of everyday celebrations in an Indian household. Whether you top an exam or get a promotion, the besan laddu always makes an appearance and has a certain nostalgia attached to it. It is made simply by roasting besan with ghee. This is then stirred continuously so that all the besan is exposed to the same amount of heat until it becomes a single mass and then flavoured with sugar and whatever else you deem fit and then rolled into small balls. 

While you may quite seamlessly gobble a handful of laddus in one go, it is actually quite a tricky mithai to make. The biggest challenge of making a besan laddu is most definitely the process of roasting the besan. The temperature, the speed and the duration you roast the besan for, all directly impact the taste and aroma of your end product. At Bombay Sweet Shop, we first spent a considerable amount of time perfecting the traditional laddu itself before experimenting with it.

When it came to the step of reimagining the mithai, an idea struck.  The smooth surface of the besan laddu reminded us of the inner layer of our favourite duty free treat, the Ferrero Rocker chocolate. A chocolate that has a hard crunchy chocolatey exterior, bite into it and you are surprised with a wafery layer on the inside and further on a layer of chocolate and whole hazelnut. We wanted to bring that element of ‘surprise’ and fun to the world of mithais too!

And hence to mimic the Ferrero Rocher, we took our besan laddus and coated them with toasted hazelnuts! On the outside you could just think it is a chocolate treat, bite into it and the magic of mithai unveils itself! At Bombay Sweet our besan laddus are made with gram flour that has been specially milled for us into a coarser texture for better mouthfeel. Once it is cooked with ghee we add brown sugar for that pleasant granular texture. While we all utterly love the besan laddu, our only qualm is the lack of texture, hence adding ingredients like brown sugar gives the mithai another dimension.

The mixture is then flavoured with cardamom and Kashmiri saffron. Once the entire mixture comes together, our halwai magicians roll each laddu by hand. Once rolled, each laddu is dipped in sugar syrup and coated with toasted hazelnuts. Besan Laddus are slightly more challenging to roll due to its sandy texture. It’s definitely a good workout for the halwai team!

Lastly is our Nolen Gur Kheer Kadam. We know this is technically not a laddu but it’s round shape gives it a hallway pass! Our Nolen Gur Kheer Kadam is Malai Pedaa stuffed with a juicy Nolen Gur infused Rasgulla that then coated in desiccated coconut giving it that pleasant bite. The Nolen Gur Kheer Kadam is a mithai that will take you by surprise. The Malai Peda exterior doesn’t reveal the juicy surprise on the inside. Only when you bite into it, do you get that burst of that earthy Nolen Gur sugar syrup. This mithai has turned out to be a crowd favourite!

The best part about our Laddus is that you can buy each one as a separate box, get a mix of just Laddus in our assorted Laddu box or go all the way and enjoy a plethora of Bombay Sweet Shop’s sweets by enjoying our Laddus in our assorted mithai box!

You know what they say, you can always lean on Laddu!