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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

 Best Namkeen and Snacks in Bangalore 

We know that Bangalore folks know their snacks quite well but we’ve created treats that we know will impress!

Let’s introduce you to the best namkeen and Indian snacks in Bangalore that we can’t wait for you to add to your tea-time! First in the line up of best namkeen and snacks in Bangalore is our Chilli Cheese Bhujia. Remember the nostalgic combination of chilli and cheese that we loved the most in between two slices of bread? We decided to take that combination and toss our golden fried besan bhujia in it to give you a spicy snack that we know you can’t get enough of.

Next in the best namkeen and indian snacks in Delhi list is our Chatpata Kairi Mixture. Remember enjoying slices of kacchi kairi with chilli and salt every summer? We took the chatpata notes of it and tossed all our favourite snacks in it - cheeselings, bhel, peanuts, sev and salli. Don’t forget to try our Peri Peri Potato Salli - you may just need some mithai after!

We can’t have a mithai shop with crispy Kachoris - can we? While we do prepare both versions of the kachori with a fresh Pyaaz filling and a dry filling urad dal and coconut - our Khasta Kachoris are the ones that make it to Delhi! Bite into crusty exterior and enjoy a juicy filling inspired by a favourite Maharashtrian snack - the bhakarwadi.

In addition to namkeen - we also have some sweet treats that are just as snacky. Try our crunchy Chikkis - Bombay Bhel Chikki and Super Crunch Chikki. Our Bombay Bhel chikki is a chikki bar with all our favourite snacks tossed in a pool of jaggery - chips, bhel, sev, salli, peanuts you name it! Our Super Crunch Chikki is loaded with nuts and seeds - dialing up our favourite bits of the chikki - the crunch. You can get both of these chikkis as a pack of two. Is this the best namkeen and snacks in Bangalore or what? And ending things on a sweet note with our cookies. We have an Indian Cookie, a Toffee Butterscotch Cookie and a Chocolate Butter Cookie. Our Cookies are a nod to old school bakeries - our Indian Cookie is inspired by the old school nankhatai. We made ours a gluten free version with rice flour! Our Toffee Butterscotch Cookies are a nod to the buttery Butter Cookies - our version with chewy toffee bits. Lastly is our Chocolate Butter Cookies made with chunks of chocolate, butter, flour and sea salt. We weren’t lying when we said we  said that we have the best namkeen and snacks in Bangalore for Bangalore!