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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

The Best Holi Gift Hampers of 2023 - Holi Hampers Delivered Pan India

As we say goodbye to the winters and welcome the summers, there’s one big party just before that, the festival of Holi! We all have such colourful memories of Holi. From sneakily popping balloons at each other,  smearing each other from head to toe to enjoying cold frothy glasses of thandai right after, the celebrations of Holi start much before the festival and last even a few days after!
This year we wanted to create a collection inspired by the myriad of colours that are deeply ingrained in our minds! Our halwais have prepared treats that will instantly create a colourful sensation in your heart and make your celebration extra vibrant! From our holographic packaging to the sweet treats itself, Bombay Sweet Shop is here to make Holi, bigger, brighter and sweeter. 

Holi can never be complete without a plate of Gujiyas! Eaten during this time of year, Gujiyas are fried sweet dumplings made with semolina and filled with khoya and nuts. Our halwais decided to add a nutty twist to it. Our Holi sweet box of Gujiyas are filled with jaggery, coconut, pista, cashew, chironji and cardamom. These gujiyas are fried in ghee and coated with sugar. Each bite will make your heart burst with colour! Our Holi sweet box of Gujiyas are available as a box of 6 and are perfect for sharing once you’ve drenched yourself in the Holi spirit. 
Next up is our Rangeela Boondi Chikki. The Chikki is easily our most favourite treat to prepare in the Bombay Sweet Shop kitchen because there is just so much ground for experimentation! Just in time for Holi - our mithai magicians decided that a new chikki had to be born and of course it had to be drenched in the spirit of Holi. Inspired by the crunchy boondi chikki and the chatpata namkeen boondi - this chikki is made by melting jaggery and cooking it together with crunchy boondi, hazelnuts and almonds. Once the mixture comes together - the chikki is drizzled with the namkeen boondi masala of jal jeera and chaat masala, cut, sealed and packed. Want to gift a loved one the best holi mithai this year? This chikki is right up there!

Nothing quite like mithai inspired by the colourful spirit of Holi! Since thandai is just an integral part of Holi celebrations, we thought why not infuse that into our treats this year! Our Holi Collection has three thandai drenched treats - a Kesar Thandai Bon Bon, Coconut Thandai Milk Cake and a Rangeela Boondi Laddu. The Kesar Thandai Bon Bon is a multi layered treat with a base of thandai barfi and a top of Saffron Kaju Katli - sealing it together is a rich thandai white chocolate ganache mixed with salted pistachios and also topped with toasted pistachios. Next up is the Coconut Thandai Milk Cake. Our Thandai Milk Cake follows the traditional technique of making the milk cake by splitting the milk and cooking it for a long period of time - the only difference with this version is that we toss in some fresh grated coconut into the milk cake and top it up with a rich thandai cream. Lastly, we have a returning favourite, our Rangeela Boondi Laddu that is mixed with thandai rabri and nuts and rolled into colourful spheres - making this box the perfect gift to sweeten Holi this year! We’ve put together the best miithai for Holi in one assorted box for you to devour.

Holi is all about getting together with loved ones and celebrating today and this year if you are throwing that big Holi bash this year best Holi gift hampers for your favourite Holi gang. What’s in the line up you wonder?

First up we have a Holi Hai Hamper with the best Holi mithai and Bombay Sweet Shop classics. This hamper has our Nutty Gujiya, Rangeela Boondi Chikki, Toffee Butterscotch Cookies, Chilli Cheese Bhujia and Chatpata Kairi Mixture. Next, we have our Dil Rangeela Hai Hamper with our Nutty Gujiya, Rangeela Boondi Chikki, Bombay Bhel Chikki, Chilli Cheese Bhujia and of course a packet of Phool’s Gulal and lastly our Sweetest Holi hamper with Nutty Gujiya, Choco Butterscotch Barks, thandai infused Holi Mithai Box, Rangeela Boondi Chikki, Bombay Bhel Chikki and Gulaal from Phool.

The best Holi gift hampers are ones that contain all things decadent and Bombay Sweet Shop’s Holi hampers are here to impress. If you’re unable to play Holi with your buddy this year, you can also send them the best Holi gift hampers wherever they are and make their day truly colourful.

How does one get their hands on the best Holi gift hampers? You can order them on www.bombaysweetshop.com, order it on swiggy or zomato if you live in our sweet neighbourhood or swing by our sweet shop where you can pick from our selection of existing hampers or design your own.

The best Holi gift hampers are just a few steps away!