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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

Makar Sankranti Food Gift Hampers

Along with a nip in the air, fresh beginnings and the excitement of an all-new start to the year, January also brings the harvest season in India. Sankranti along with other harvest festivals in India including Lohri and Pongal are here and our mithai magicians have put together the most delicious treats inspired by our favourite kite flying memories!
Our Makar Sankranti food gift hampers and collection features the Til Gur Choco Barks as we wanted to add a touch of til to our best-selling Choco Butterscotch Barks! Til Gur laddu is such an iconic treat to Sankranti and we wanted our barks to represent the harvest festival. Re-imagining the flavours of the laddu, our Til Gur Barks are made with two layers of dark chocolate that is layered with jaggery and sesame seeds inspired by the classic til gur laddu and sealed with toasted sesame seeds and sea salt on top. Each bite is nutty, crunchy and extremely decadent!

Til is such an integral part of Sankranti celebrations. Our Chief Mithaiwala has been meaning to feature Soan Papdi on the menu for quite some time and the season of harvest seemed like the perfect occasion. During his research trip to Kolkata a few years ago is when he learnt the painstaking method from local halwais. Soan papdi is made by hand-pulling a cooked mixture of besan, sugar and ghee until it turns into a golden pliable mass that is further pulled to create flaky dry strands that have a melt-in-the-mouth texture and rich flavour. Our Til Soan Papdi is made using the traditional method with the only addition of a black and white sesame paste that is introduced into the mixture when it is still moist. The end result is a delicious Soan Papdi that has a nutty finish.
Every celebration needs a dash of savoury to balance out all the sweet. As a part of our Makar Sankranti food gift hampers and collection we’re launching the newest addition to our namkeen, a Peri Peri Potato Salli Lachha made by grating potatoes into extremely thin strips that are almost straw like and frying them until golden brown. Once fried, the salli is tossed in a house-made spicy and slightly smokey peri peri seasoning. Enjoy a bowl of our Peri Peri Potato Salli Lachha during your tea-time along with other Sweet Shop favourites.
Take your gifting game to a new level with our Makar Sankranti food gift hampers like the Sankranti Treats Hamper - a beautifully packaged hamper that features Til Gur Choco Barks, Super Crunch Chikki - that comes with roasted peanuts, cashews and almonds, toasted poppy, black & white sesame and melon seeds, puffed amaranth, and rose petals stirred into a pool of sticky jaggery and the melt-in-your-mouth Soan Papdi flavoured with white sesame and tahini.
There’s also the Winter Special Gift Box, a gift box with our sweet and savoury bests! A part of our Makar Sankranti food gift hampers and collection, this hamper comes filled with Til Gur Choco Barks, Mini Super Crunch Chikki and Soan Papdi flavoured with white sesame and tahini. There’s also the Bombay Bhel Chikki - a fun take on Bombay’s iconic Bhel and all our favourite snacks tossed into a kadhai to make our very own Chikki bar, and our all-new Peri Peri Potato Salli - perfectly crunchy, golden-fried potato lachha tossed in a spicy peri peri seasoning along with almonds, cashews and raisins.
This collection and special gift hampers are available for delivery across India.  You can come enjoy the whole Willy Wonka experience at our Sweet Shop in Byculla or order online in the comfort of your home.
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