The Most Unique Fathers Day Gift Hamper of 2022

What do we say about our fathers! They’re our heroes, our partner in crime, our midnight snacking pal and the best friend we can effortlessly confide in! We all have such a unique relationship with our dads and while they deserve to be celebrated on any given day, they definitely deserve a little extra TLC and a unique Father’s Day Gift Hamper this Father’s Day.

For Father’s Day 2022, we’ve put together our favourite treats to create our World’s Best Dad hamper, the most unique father’s day gift hamper. Dads love a good snack and this father’s day our magicians have come up with a new namkeen that we know he’ll love! Our Peri Peri Corn Chivda is spicy, smokey and so addictive! So whether daddy needs a snack for tea-time or a little savoury fix with his cold glass of beer, this namkeen can be ordered as is or as part of our World’s Best Dad Hamper! Edible love is the best kind of love and this Namkeen will make sure that you give dad the most unique father’s day gift hamper!

We love spoiling you with choices but we also know that it can be confusing and this time for Father’s Day we are making sure your purchase is seamless and effortless by putting together Bombay Sweet Shop’s best treats for the most unique Father’s Day Hamper, our World’s Best Dad Hamper. This hamper has all the snacking essentials as an ode to all those nights of sneaking around and snacking together with your partner in crime! Find our all new Peri Peri Corn Chivda, house-made corn flakes tossed in a smoky and spicy peri peri dust, our Chilli Cheese Bhujia, the eternal combination of chilli and cheese that our besan bhujia is flavoured with, our Bombay Bhel Chikki, inspired by his favourite snack the iconic bhel., a chikki bar packed with bhel, sev, salli, potato chips and more and our best-seller Choco Butterscotch Barks, inspired by Lucknow’s famous Sohan Halwa. 

This unique Father’ Day Gift Hamper will sort out daddy’s snacking at least for a few days and when his supply is almost over, you can always come back to us for more!

This Unique Father’s Day hamper is available for Mumbai and Pan-India deliveries and can be ordered on our website If you live around the locality, you can always order on Swiggy or Zomato or just swing by.

Spoil daddy silly with the most delicious treats this Father’s Day, after all it’s time to reverse those roles at least for one day of the year!