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Send Mithai to Kolkata

We honestly believe the best kind of love is the edible kind! Whether it’s a happy occasion like a birthday or an anniversary, a promotion, an accomplished milestone, a new member to the family, or a simple craving, your first choice is always something sweet!

After spreading the joy and magic of mithai in Bombay for two years, we knew it was time to share that with others. After months of trials and planning, we are now finally delivering to Bangalore! If you love our classic Chocolate Butterscotch Barks, you can send it to a friend in Bangalore too! Inspired by Lucknow’s Sohan Halwa, our Barks are made with two layers of dark chocolate sandwiching one layer of silky butterscotch caramel, topped with roasted almonds and sea salt. If the cousin you went on many memorable Bombay picnics with now lives far away in Bangalore, you can send them a piece of Bombay nostalgia with our Indian Jujubes, Indian Cookies and Toffee Butterscotch Cookies. Our Indian Jujubes are a bite-sized version of the Karachi Halwa, folded in with a plethora of nuts and tossed in sweet and sour citric sugar. Our Indian Cookies and Toffee Butterscotch Cookies are perfect to sweeten a loved one’s tea time. These cookies take cue from those crumbly and awfully nostalgic Nankhatais and Butter Cookies we ate growing up.

Is a care package from Bombay to Kolkata even complete without the Lonavala Chikki and Fudge? We have two Chikkis on our menu that take inspiration from this iconic snack. Our Bombay Bhel Chikki has everything that goes into Bombay’s Bhel and also a few of our favourite snacks in a pool of jaggery and our Super Crunch Chikki is packed with equal parts of nuts and seeds dialing up our favourite part of the chikki, its crunch! Bombay's 3-Layer Fudge is another winner too, especially when they eat, sleep and dream of all things chocolate! Two layers of chocolate peda, filled with peanut brittle, dark chocolate ganache, topped with a crunchy peanut tuile.

We also have a whole lot of savoury to balance out all the sweet. Send a loved one in Kolkata a snack pack of our Khasta Kachori and Namkeen. Our Khasta Kachori are dried Kachoris that make for a great midday snack. While a traditional Khasta Kachori is filled with moong dal and spices, ours has a twist of another favourite snack, the Bhakarwadi. Bombay Sweet Shop’s Khasta Kachoris are filled with dried coconut, mung dal and spices. The Chilli Cheese Bhujiya and Chatpata Kairi Mixture have got to be our favourite new additions to the menu. Our Chilli Cheese Bhujiya is a take on the classic combination of chilli and cheese and our Kachi Kairi Mixture has cornflakes, nuts, bhujiya and more. We can’t think of a better treat!

That’s not all, we have also made your ordering process a whole lot easier by curating hampers that will cater to every mood. You know them best! You can order your loved one a bunch of sweet treats from any part of the world to Kolkata and we will make sure they’re packed and delivered with a whole lot of love. While this is just the start, we hope to deliver to many more cities in the months to come!

So go ahead and order away on www.bombaysweetshop and make their week a whole lot sweeter! Your sweet delivery will reach your loved one in Kolkata in 3-5 days!