#CanceltheGutli - Mango Collection

Every summer, a competitive spirit awakens within Indian families, all for the ultimate prize - mangoes.
Throughout the day, eyes remain glued to the basket of golden fruit. Once lunch is over, and the mangoes are cut open, it begins! Hands fly to snatch up the biggest piece. Faster participants go back in for seconds. Elbows are streaked with juice. Someone ends up with only the gutli. 

This year, we’ve decided to #CancelTheGutli and deliver pure joy with The Mango Collection! The juiciest, pulpiest, tastiest bit of mangoes have been extracted and squeezed into each sweet and confectionery. Now, all members of the family can sit equally at the mango table.

The new way to enjoy summer begins with our pocket-sized aam: amba jam burfi. We recommend splitting it into halves and licking the jammy centre first. Next, lose yourself in the many layers of our mango kheer kadam - soft rasgulla, fudgy mango pedha and flaky coconut. If shrikhand is your comfort food, try our mango version. Every spoonful feels like a hug. And if you, like us, ate jujubes while growing up - our mango jujubes have the right amount of sweet and tart to make summers memorable.

*** Limited Edition ***
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Mango Tamarind Jujubes

If you, like us, ate jujubes while growing up - our mango tamarind jujubes have the right amount of sweet and tart to make summers memorable. 

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Mango Shrikhand

If shrikhand is your comfort food, try our mango version. Every spoonful feels like a hug. 

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Mango Collection - Assorted Mithai

A selection of all our Mango Mithai in one box!

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Our Mango Mithai

Mango Burfi - filled with house-made mango jam and cashew, topped with marigold petals.

Mango Kheer Kadam - Rasgulla encased in mango pedha, rolled in desiccated coconut.

Mango Moti Pak - Motichoor boondi with a mango pista kalakand.