The Sweet Shop Soft Serve Magic!

The Sweet Shop Soft Serve Magic!

In an Indian context, when you say the word ‘sweet’ , each one of us have such distinct memories. For some it's the halwai piping hot jalebis outside the sweet shop, for some it's the kadhai of kheer made at home during special occasions, the sweet treats bought from the neighbourly shop growing up, and for some it’s the cool Kulfi that kept you company during sweltering summers.

At Bombay Sweet Shop, we don’t just celebrate the traditional form of mithai but also everyday sweetness that made our life growing up in India extra sweet! One such celebration of this is our Kulfi Soft Serve. Our trip to Lucknow brought to light a delightful surprise, the making of the traditional oh so indulgent Kulfi. This Indian frozen dessert is in fact made by a unique hand-churning method where the ingredients are stored in a cylindrical steel utensil insulated with ice. The consistent rotating of the utensil creates the creamy and soft texture of this treat. We knew we wanted to have Indian inspired ice cream on our menu too and through a whole lot of experiments we realised that the soft serve machine in fact mimics the traditional hand churning method through the paddle. It was definitely a Eureka moment for us. Using this mechanism we then started experimenting with flavours. 

Going beyond just mithai!

We wanted to extend the magic of mithai to our gamut of soft serves as well. Our mithai magicians have experimented, infused and even reimagined the flavours of our favourite mithai into the base of the soft serve. Some mithai inspired flavours we’ve done in the past have been our favourite Rasmalai Kulfi with mini rasmalai, Black Sesame with sesame caramel inspired by the famous Gajak eaten during winters, Kolkata’s favourite Mishti Doi and also a Rabri Soft Serve with Jalebi.


Old school magic

Every once in a while we also introduce flavours that are truly nostalgic. From Birthday Cake Soft Serve and Pineapple Cake Soft Serve inspired by birthday parties growing up, Gymkhana Cold Coffee taking cue from the lip smacking glass we gulped down post swimming, Falooda Kulfi inspired by memories of sitting by Juhu beach, Rose inspired by those sweet Rooh Afza memories and more.


Festive frozen treats

Every time there’s a new festive collection at Bombay Sweet Shop, with it also comes a soft serve change! From a Baileys infused Soft Serve for Valentine's Day spiked with a little bit of mischief, Puran Poli and Thandai Soft Serve for Holi, Malt Kulfi and Smoked Honey & Fig with Kal Kal for Christmas,  it’s always a soft serve party at the Sweet Shop.

Just because we love it!

And then there are flavours on our menu which may not have any specific association but taste fantastic when churned into an icy frozen delight! Whether that’s our Coconut Kulfi with condensed milk, our Corn Kulfi with caramel popcorn or our classic Vanilla with Affogato, we love it all!

The best part about the Soft Serves at Bombay Sweet Shop is that our team takes a whole lot of effort in making each flavour exciting, fun and delicious. We also have a soft serve calendar so that you can plan your visit to the sweet shop well in advance! From chef’s picks to social media votes, we love every step of the Sweet Shop Soft Serve Magic!

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