Luxury Mithai in India

Luxury Mithai in India

We’ve all heard about a revolution in some form or the other. But how about the mithai revolution? Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Except, there’s never much when it comes to mithai. Since the beginning, the world of mithai has always been traditional in its flavours and approach and seldom went through any form of evolution. While western pastry and sweets became the obvious choice for every celebration, mithai only saw a link with festivals. 

However, over the past few years we’ve seen a silent yet bold uprising of the mithai revolution. A number of luxury mithai makers in India, while imbibing traditions and discovering new flavours, have come to look at the mithai space with a different lens, giving us a gamut of innovative and interesting mithai. The kind of mithai that you would sneak a little bite of to satiate a midnight sweet craving, fight your sibling off for the bigger piece and never want to share! Modern mithai makers today have reimagined sweet treats to make it a part of our everyday lives. 

There’s no denying how interconnected mithai is to Indian traditions and taking 

inspiration from these traditions, we at Bombay Sweet Shop, have created something unique and never-seen-before in the luxury mithai space.  Something sweet never fails to put a smile on our faces, and we at Bombay Sweet Shop aspire to do just that every single day. Our mithai will rekindle familiar memories yet take you by complete surprise. It’s a celebration of the diversity of Indian mithai, and through our luxury mithai and gifting options, we hope to introduce people all over India to the joys and endless possibilities with mithai, with our take on classic sweet treats. Mithai has always been a part of our cultural and culinary identity and Bombay Sweet Shop looks to celebrate India’s ‘sweet’ heritage through our luxury mithai offerings.

The Magic of Luxury Mithai in India

Here’s how Bombay Sweet Shop reimagines mithai:

1. Dulce de Leche Peda

The classic Lal peda is reinvented with a Dulce de Leche filling, and to elevate it even further, there’s a peanut brittle added for that satisfying crunch. This mithai is a brilliant example of how luxury mithai makers take inspiration from traditional flavours and make it their own. 

2. Chocolate Butterscotch Barks

A happy kitchen accident at Bombay Sweet Shop resulted in these chocolate barks becoming the go-to snack for many. These barks are made by sandwiching a generous layer of silky butterscotch caramel between dark chocolate which is topped with roasted almonds for that extra crunch factor and then sprinkled with sea salt to balance out the sweetness of the rich dark chocolate.

3. Kaapi Paak

All the coffee-lovers, this one’s for you. The richness of the traditional Mysore Paak is no surprise to any of us. The Kaapi Pak is a not-so-traditional take on the classic. The sweetness of the traditional paak is balanced out with a hint of coffee and it is topped with some toasted sesame seeds! 

4. Indie Bar

These melt-in-your-mouth Indie bars are filled with coconut fluff, pepper caramel and covered in gourmet milk chocolate. This reimagined candy bar reminds us of our favourite childhood chocolate bar! 

5. Nolen Gur & Coconut Kheer Kadam 

One of Bombay Sweet Shop’s best selling luxury mithai, soft malai peda stuffed with palm jaggery-infused rasgulla, coated with desiccated coconut is a must-have. This mithai is 100% vegetarian and gluten-free. 


Luxury Mithai Gifting in India

The luxury mithai space is growing everyday with new gourmet introductions to mithai. At Bombay Sweet Shop we aim to make our mithai India’s go-to luxury mithai destination.  

No occasion or festival is complete without mithai, because every celebration deserves some sweetness! Bombay Sweet Shop offers luxurious mithai gifting options. Personalised packaging, customized sweet selection and home delivery are just a few of the things on offer. Our gifting catalogue offers a detailed insight on how far we’ll go to make your day even more special. We have packaging options available specific to the occasion and festival. For an even more personalised experience, we have Mithai Magicians who are just a phone call away to guide you through the vast luxury mithai collection. All of the luxury mithai is 100% vegetarian and we’ve also got gluten-free mithai options. Bombay Sweet Shop hopes to bring the magic of mithai by deep diving into traditions and giving it our own spin for everyone to experience. 

So, don’t wait to run to the mithai shop at the last minute - sit back, get on your phone and order in the freshest and tastiest luxury mithai from Bombay Sweet Shop! 

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