Best Mithaiwalas in India

Best Mithaiwalas in India

Growing up, each of us had a favourite mithai shop we’d frequent. Whether it was to pick up warm Gulab Jamuns when your relatives were visiting, the weekly jalebi run or for that fix of cold lassi after running market errands, we all have a shop we’d vouch for. Going to a mithai shop is always fascinating! The incredible array of sweets and namkeen, the sweet aroma that envelopes the room and all the tastings before decision making, it's probably the best task on that to-do list and needless to say, the best mithaiwalas in India always have showstopper treats that make your short visit a tad bit longer. Who can say no to mithai!

When we were in the works of opening Bombay Sweet Shop, the first and most important step was understanding everything traditional before we began the process of reimagination. Our Chief Mithaiwala visited some of the best mithaiwalas in India to learn the art, craft and technique of every single Indian mithai. From Delhi, Amritsar to Coimbatore, Rajasthan, Lucknow, Kolkata and more, our team was on the quest to find the best sources to understand and perfect everything we had to know about India’s sweet diversity from the best mithaiwalas in India.

In fact, every mithaiwala specializes in a particular mithai and some of the best mithaiwalas in India are those that are identified by these specifics. They’ve spent years perfecting their skills in that particular mithai and needless to say they are the best in that business. 

We too identified some of our favourites who according to us are probably some of the best mithaiwalas in India. One bite of their sweets will definitely make you smile from ear to ear!

Here’s our list of the top 5 Mithaiwalas in India:

  1. Chittranjan Mistanna Bhandar, Kolkata
  2. Kamat Sweets, Udupi
  3. Chanakya Kulfi, Lucknow
  4. Tharus, Bombay
  5. Sri Krishna Sweets, Chennai

Let’s tell you more:

Chittranjan Mistanna Bhandar, Kolkata

Housed in Shobha Bazaar, Chittranjan Mistanna Bhandar is the best mithaiwala in India for Rasgullas. A shop passed down from one generation to the other, their rasgullas are just the right amount of spongy yet soft and oh so juicy! Our Chief Mithaiwala Girish Nayak learnt the technique of chenna making from the halwais of this esteemed mithai shop.

Kamat Sweets, Udupi

Next up is Kamat Sweets. Udupi is close to home for our Chief Mithaiwala and his earliest interactions with mithai were in Manipal and Udupi. One place he absolutely swears by is Kamat Sweets for their Wheat Halwa. A small simple shop that sells a few different local sweets and savouries, the wheat halwa is rich yet incredibly light and fulfilling and probably the best mithaiwala in India for this treat!

Chanakya Kulfi, Lucknow

At Bombay Sweet Shop, we wanted to scale India’s length and breadth not just for mithai but also every sweet treat we find solace in that is truly Indian at heart! While travelling through Lucknow, we visited Chanakya Kulfi, an incredible shop that handchurns their kulfi in a special way that creates its incredibly soft and creamy texture! We realised a soft serve machine can mimic this particular technique and wanted to pay ode to this wondrous treat that we cannot seem to get over. No visit to Lucknow is complete without a visit to Chanakya! He may not be a mithaiwala but he’s definitely the best in India for Kulfi.

Tharus, Bombay

There’s nothing that a flaky piece of Sev Barfi can’t fix and our team swears by this place! Tharus is known for this mithai and not just locals but even travellers pop by to pick up boxes. Many say the taste hasn’t changed for years and has been deliciously consistent!

Sri Krishna Sweets, Chennai

Saving the best for the last is Sri Krishna Sweets and no guesses here! You probably know which mithai we’re talking about, the epic Mysore Paak. This place is the best mithaiwala in India for this ghee-laden melt-in-mouth mithai. Our chef in fact learnt how to make the Mysore Paak from the chefs of Sri Krishna Sweets. Our interpretation of this legendary sweet is a coffee version called the Kaapi Paak

Here’s your ‘sweet’ guide for your next trip and don’t forget to bring us some when you visit too. For the Best Mithai in Bombay/Mumbai and to try our latest mithai, Click here.

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