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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!


A brother and sister’s relationship is like none other. One that transforms from tugging ponytails, childish banter, and playing mom’s favourite to being each other’s biggest protectors, cheerleaders and best friends. A relationship that is comforting, joyful, sometimes bitter but always sweet. We celebrate this relationship every year, but what about those people who make you feel protected, safe and always comfortable? They may not even be related to you by blood but by bond, it’s one of the strongest relationships you hold! So this year, why not celebrate all the Sweet Bandhans in our life? An ode to all those sweet memories here’s presenting Bombay Sweet Shop’s 2023 Rakhi Collection; the epic jam biscuits from our childhood meet the magic of mithai in our Raksha Bandhan specials- Vanilla Bean - Raspberry Barfi, Kashmiri Saffron - Pistachio Barfi and Nagpur Orange Marmalade Barfi.

We understand the magic that lies behind every pack of biscuits. It's a special moment when you open a pack and heads turn in anticipation. Whether it's an after-school treat or a late-night snack, biscuits are meant to be shared with the ones you hold dear. And what better occasion to celebrate those sweetest bonds in our lives than Raksha Bandhan? Introducing our Raksha Bandhan Specials - an assorted box of jam-filled barfis.

Each barfi is a nostalgic tribute to our favorite biscuits. From the orange biscuit barfi with fresh Nagpur orange marmalade, to the vanilla bean barfi with tangy raspberry jam, and the Kashmiri saffron barfi with sweet pistachio jam inspired by the classics, these treats are meant to be shared with all your sweetest bandhans.

What makes our Rakhi collection special you wonder? Zoom in and you see jam-filled sweet treats, zoom out and you see treats that resemble the shape of a ‘Rakhi’, a sweet sacred thread that denotes protection, brotherhood, strength, and love. 

So what are you waiting for? Sweeten your Rakhi celebrations with the ‘magic of mithai’ and Bombay Sweet Shop!