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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

 Best Gujiya Sweets in India | Gujiya Holi Mithai Hampers - Delivered Pan India

As we say goodbye to the winters and welcome the summers, there’s one big party just before that, the festival of Holi! We all have such colourful memories of Holi. From sneakily popping balloons at each other,  smearing each other from head to toe to enjoying cold frothy glasses of thandai right after, the celebrations of Holi start much before the festival and last even a few days after!
This year we wanted to create a collection inspired by the myriad of colours that are deeply ingrained in our minds! Our halwais have prepared treats that will instantly create a colourful sensation in your heart and make your celebration extra vibrant. We have some treats that are inspired by your favourite holi traditional treats and some you wouldn’t expect that’ll instantly colour your heart. Amongst the classics is the Holi essential ‘Gujiya’

It’s rather hard to imagine a Holi without crispy gujiyas. In fact most of our memories of Holi are centred around sinking our teeth into warm plates of indulgent gujiya with gulaal smeared cheeks. Gujiyas are essentially sweet crispy dumplings made with refined flour that is stuffed with a filling of khoya and nuts.The dumpling is then pleated and fried in ghee. Once fried it is steeped in sugar syrup. Now, there’s often a debate about where one can find the best gujiyas in India -  the options of where one can find gujiyas during Holi is endless but the best gujiyas in India is a true debate. If you had to ask us what our definition of a good gujiya is we’d say, the filling definitely can’t be too dry, it definitely needs to be rich and indulgent, needs to bind well, needs to be fried perfectly golden-brown and definitely needs to stay crispy even later.

Did we just narrow down your search for the best gujiyas in India? We’re about to do it further. When we decided to recreate the gujiya at Bombay Sweet Shop - we first perfected the traditional form by preparing it multiple times. After he attained the perfect crust - we decided to reimagine the filling. Last year for our second Holi - our filling was a combination of khoya and coconut along with chironji and nuts. This year - we wanted to spread the joy of Holi beyond Mumbai and created a version of the gujiya that can travel to all the cities we now deliver to. So whether you’re smearing your loved one’s face with gulaal in Delhi, glugging down thandai in Bangalore, running from notorious holi loving neighbours in Kolkata or Chennai - the best Gujiyas in India will reach your doorstep.

Now that you know where to find the best gujiyas in India - let’s get you a step closer to how you can get your hands on them. You can either order our fresh sugar crusted gujiyas by visiting our website www.bombaysweetshop.com whichever part of India you are in or on Swiggy and Zomato if you live in our sweet neighborhood. And for the truest spirit of Holi, you can also swing by our sweet shop and enjoy it with a hot cuppa. Our box of gujiyas are available as a box of 5 or 10. 

Come fulfill all of your gujiya cravings with the best gujiyas in India, right here at Bombay Sweet Shop.