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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

All the chocolate, but gluten-free!

While reimagining mithai, we wanted to also ensure we could spread the magic of Bombay Sweet Shop to as many people as possible. During our research and development, we created and perfected various gluten free chocolates. Now you can enjoy any chocolate without any hindrance. 

In fact, the most popular item at Bombay Sweet Shop is also a gluten free chocolate. Our Chocolate Butterscotch Bark is a brittle, topped with sea salt and nuts. While traveling through Lucknow, our Chief Mithaiwala Girish Nayak tried Karak Sohan Halwa. It’s made by cooking together wheat flour, refined flour, sugar and lots of ghee. One the mixture has thickened, it is poured over mixed nuts in a round mould and left to rest. The result is a sweet almond-like biscuit. Inspired by this , our barks are made by sandwiching a layer of luscious butterscotch caramel between dark chocolate. Finally, we top it with almonds and then sprinkle sea salt.The result is the irresistible gluten free chocolate, our Chocolate Butterscotch Barks.

Our gluten free chocolate butterscotch barks have become so popular that we launch new varieties for special occasions. For Mother’s Day this year, we launched coffee chocolate butterscotch barks. Our Phool & Pista Barks were inspired by Phoolon ki Holi. For Father’s Day, we launched a Chakna Chocolate Butterscotch Barks. A staple on our menu is the Rose & Strawberry Barks. It’s topped with freeze-dried strawberry and rose petals. The best part? All renditions of our barks are gluten free chocolates.

If you can't tell that we love chocolate already, wait till you read about our other gluten free chocolate. Inspired by trips to Lonavala, where we would dig into boxes of rich chocolatey fudge and slabs of peanut chikki, we created our own version of the fudge.  Our Fudge is made with a base of chocolate peda, layered with chocolate ganache, topped with house made peanut chikki and finished off with a top layer of chocolate peda once again. Lastly for finishing touches our fudge is topped with a  peanut tuile making this a gluten free chocolate treat of your dreams! 

We even have some chocolate mithai that is gluten free. Our Kaju Marzipan Bon Bon is the best of both worlds . Many of us might be familiar with marzipan, the soft sweet treat we enjoyed during Christmas. In the West, most marzipan is made from almonds. While in India we make it with abundantly available cashews. When our Chief Mithaiwala, Girish Nayak was traveling around Europe eating a variety of sweet treats, one being chocolate coated almond marzipan,  the idea struck him. What if we adapted the techniques used to make Kaju Katli and Bon Bons to make a fusion sweet. Kaju Katli is similar to Marzipan in its consistency, taste and look. So chef made a Kaju Katli base and layered it with dark chocolate, then finished it off with a spray of dark chocolate. The result was the gluten free chocolate, Kaju Marzipan Bon Bon. We first launched the Kaju Marzipan Bon Bon as a part of our Christmas collection but it has been so popular that it has become a permanent feature on our menu. 

Whether you like mithai or sweet treats, there is a gluten-free chocolate for you at Bombay Sweet Shop. There are even some non-chocolatey gluten free sweets on our menu. To learn more about them, visit our website’s shop webpage and filter the products using the gluten-free tags. You can visit our website to learn more about sweets, in the sweets library page and even schedule a virtual appointment with a mithai magician, if you are interested in a bulk order. Our mithai magicians will take you through every step in the process to help you get your desired design, packaging, note cards and gluten free chocolate!  

To make more of our mithai accessible to guests with restrictive diets, our team is constantly working on new techniques and recipes. For special occasions such as Ganpati, we have launched gluten free chocolate fudge modaks. Now you can enjoy your favourite festivals in the sweetest way possible.