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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

New In - Chef’s Favourite

Make your cake and eat it too! Heard of that saying? Over the past three years of creating mithai magic and endless tastings , you’d think our chefs would have grown weary of all things sweet. There is some truth in that but even our chefs have certain favourites that they can eat copious amounts of!

And today, we want to tell you our Chief Mithaiwala’s top treats at Bombay Sweet Shop! A few years ago, when he was travelling in Lucknow to study Indian mithai, he stumbled upon the Sohan Halwa. A Sohan Halwa is essentially a disc-like biscuit made with gram flour and sugar. It had a candy-like brittle stickiness and an addictive taste. When he came back - he wanted to recreate that and did that making a brittle with two layers of chocolate and one layer of butterscotch caramel. This is topped with crunchy almonds and sea-salt to add crunch. This is one of chef’s favourite foods from our opening menu at Bombay Sweet Shop. Our Chef is definitely a sucker for chocolate! Chef’s favourite foods also include our Indie Bar and Bombay’s 3-Layer Fudge. Our Indie Bar is chef’s favourite food because it has been inspired by one of his much loved traditional treats, the Soan Papdi. Our Indie Bar is a mithai chocolate bar made with layers of patissa, pepper caramel, coconut fluff, enrobed in 54% dark chocolate. Our Bombay’s 3-Layer Fudge is in fact a treat that chef created after moving to Bombay and experiencing the tradition of weekend drives to Lonavala and discovering how habituated people were to making that pitstop for chikki and fudge. He created a treat that is an amalgamation of both of chefs favourite foods. Our fudge is made with two layers of chocolate peda and one layer of chocolate ganache folded in with peanut chikki. Talking about chikki - he clearly got a little too obsessed that he created two flavours of just chikki! One is the Bombay Bhel Chikki and the other is a Super Crunch Chikki. Our Bombay Bhel Chikki is a chikki bar made with all of chef’s favourite foods - salli, chips, bhel, peanuts, chakli, you name it! And our Super Crunch Chikki has our favourite bits of the chikki, it’s crunch all dialled up with nuts and seeds. 

And we can’t miss our cookies when we hear the word crunch! Chef loves accompanying his afternoon cuppa with our Indian Cookies - a gluten free version of the nankhatai. And when he’s in the mood to indulge a little extra, chef’s favourite foods are the Toffee Butterscotch Cookies and Choco Butter Cookies.

Leaving the best for the last is our chef’s all time favourite food to make and eat is the Ghevar tart. Playing on seasonality, our current offering is a Strawberry Ghevar tart with malai cream, fresh strawberries and mint!

You can order all of chef’s favourite foods on our website which dedicates a special page to his recommendations or you can just swing by and ask him yourself!