About the Ferrero Rocker Laddu

India's favourite besan laddu, rocked 'n' rolled in hazelnut. Hand-made with love one by one - with only the best ingredients.

Ferrero Rocker Besan Laddu Box

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India's favourite besan laddu, rocked 'n' rolled in hazelnut. Hand-made with love one by one - with only the best ingredients.


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Anatomy of the Ferrero Rocker Besan Laddu

Rocky on the outside, soft on the inside, that's our Ferrero Rocker Besan Laddu! Our besan laddu is made with gram flour, cardamom, Kashmiri saffron and brown sugar. The laddu is made quite traditionally except for the addition of brown sugar that adds a pleasant mouthfeel to laddu. Once rolled, the laddu is dipped in sugar syrup and rolled in toasted hazelnuts!

The Magic Behind the Mithai

The humble besan laddu is such a traditional offering as a part of every day celebrations in an Indian household. Whether you top an exam or get a promotion, the besan laddu always makes an appearance and has a certain nostalgia attached to it. It is made simply by roasting besan with ghee. This is then stirred continuously so that all the besan is exposed to the same amount of heat until it becomes a single mass and then flavoured with sugar and whatever else you deem fit and then rolled into small balls. In our reimagined version we took our inspiration from everyone’s duty-free favourite chocolate, the Ferrero Rocher! Yes, yes. Hence the name! Our besan laddu is made with gram flour that has been specially milled for us into a coarser texture for better mouthfeel. Once cooked with ghee we add brown sugar for that pleasant granular texture and flavour it with cardamom and Kashmiri saffron. The laddu is then dipped in sugar syrup and then coated with toasted hazelnuts! Toasting everything to the T whether it's the besan or the hazelnuts is rather important for that perfect laddu!

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