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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

When in doubt get our Assorted Boxes!

When visiting a mithai shop, it’s customary to try at least 5 items before making a decision. Your eyes continue to oscillate between the brightly coloured barfi, decadent pedas and the soft laddus as you sample each item. In such a circumstance you may have to make some difficult decisions and get a mithai box with a few of your favourites, but not all.

When browsing the Bombay Sweet Shop website for a mithai box, your eyes will similarly be captivated by the array of mithai options. Many of the varieties may be new to you. We understand this. That is why we made our assorted mithai boxes with a mix of our most popular mithai and sweet treats. 

Whether you’re a Laddu fanatic or a Peda lover, we have a box to fulfil each craving. We have an assorted box of 4 for the Bombay Sweet Shop beginner, a Box of assorted 9 for those who prefer not to share, a box of assorted 18 for the mithai loving family and lots more! Let’s introduce you to the mithais in those boxes. 

 Most of these boxes include our Nolen Gur & Coconut Kheer Kadam, Kaju Marzipan Bon Bons, Ferrero Rocker, Moitchur Laddus, Dulce De Leche Pedha, Kaapi Paak, Milk Cake and Malai Pedha. If you are wondering what these mithai are, think of them as reimagined Indian mithai! Let us explain. Our Nolen Gur & Coconut Kheer Kadam is an homage to the original Kheer Kadam. It has a soft sweet Malai Peda on the outside and a juicy Nolen Gur soaked Rasgulla on the inside. It is then coated in desiccated coconut. Nothing can match up to the earthy goodness of the Nolen Gur syrup. 

 At Bombay Sweet Shop, we reimagined the Kaju Katli as a Bon Bon. With a layer of dark chocolate ganache sandwiched between two layers of Kaju Katli, the Kaju Marzipan Bon Bon is as indulgent as it is beautiful. For us Indians, Ferrero Rocher is the ultimate duty free favourite. We remember our relatives and friends bringing back some whenever they travelled outside the country. Inspired by this hazelnut treat, we made a Besan laddu and coated it with hazelnuts to bring back some memories. If you like Pedas and caramel, our Dulce De Leche Peda is made just for you. It is made from a Lal Peda that has been shaped into cylinders and then filled with caramel and a peanut honeycomb. 

 Chances are, you have probably tried the classic Mysore Paak at least once. If you haven’t, our Kaapi Paak is the right place to start.  Mysore Paak is a decadent treat made out of sugar, ghee and gram flour. Our not-so-sweet version takes inspiration from it but gives it a beautiful twist with a hint of coffee, same silky texture and topped with toasted sesame seeds. The Milk Cake is such a classic that we didn’t want to change too much. We did make it extra luxurious by dipping it in caramel and topping it with a chocolate crown. Malai Pedas are a must in any mithai box. And at Bombay Sweet Shop, we have made them prettier than ever. Our blossoming Malai Peda is filled with Emerald pistachios, figs, orange zest and rose water. A mithai that is truly fit for the Gods.

 If you opt for the assorted box of Patissa and Mithai then you’re in for a decadent treat. The four Coconut Caramel Patissa Bars may look and taste familiar to you. They are inspired by the popular chocolate caramel bars we enjoyed as children. Our version has layers of flaky Patissa, pepper caramel, coconut fluff and milk chocolate. On his travels around the country, Chef Girish discovered Patissa and realized its potential as a candy. The crunchy, flaky and fine fibres of Patissa make it a sweet treat worth indulging in. Pair it with chocolate, caramel and coconut fluff and you have yourself an irresistible sweet treat. A sweet treat fit for adults and children, alike. That concludes our tour of our assorted boxes, full of sweets that will wow you and have you coming back for more. In case you haven’t tried our assorted mithai box and were considering gifting it to a friend, we recommend you get one for yourself too. You know you might regret it later!