About the Tea Time Treats Box

All the essentials you need to make tea time extra yummy!

  • Tea Time Treats Box

Tea Time Treats Box

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All the essentials you need to make tea time extra yummy!


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Contains Nuts

Contains Gluten

Contains Lactose

Contains Dairy

Contains Besan

100% Veg

Preservative Free

What's in the Tea Time Treats Box
  • Toffee Butterscotch Cookies

  • Khasta Kachori

  • Chilli Cheese Bhujiya

  • Chatpata Kairi Mixture

  • Indian Cookies

  • Super Crunch Chikki

  • Bombay Bhel Chikki

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The Magic behind the Treats!

Our magicians have put together treats that'll compliment that cup of chai perfectly!The Nankhatai is an eternal Indian tea time confectionery! We wanted to keep the essence of this classic intact but just make it more accessible and hence decided to make them gluten free! Our version is simply made with besan, rice flour and ghee and then dusted with icing sugar once freshly baked out of the oven. After launching our Indian Cookies last year, we thought it was time to toss in some flour and work on a new cookie flavour. We decided to recreate the classic Butter Cookies with a slight twist!Our cookies are made with refined flour, rice flour and lots of butter giving it that delicious shortbread texture and to make each bite addictive, our cookie also has chewy toffee bits taking the tea time indulgence to a whole new level! This combo also has our Khasta Kachori. We decided to follow the traditional avatar of this munchie but we've changed up the filling of the traditional Khasta Kachori with that of another favourite treat, the Bhakarwadi. Our Kachoris are filled with a mix of dried coconut, sev, moong dal and spices! Who doesn't love the eternal combination of chilli and cheese! We decided to toss our bhujiya in a chilli cheese dust, making it an absolutely addictive treat. Our Chatpata Kairi Mixture brings back memories of summer! A mix of corn flakes, roasted peanuts, puffed rice, cashewnut and dried coconut tossed in a kachi kairi masala and spices, this one's an absolute winner! To balance all the savoury is our Chikki! The Bombay Bhel Chikki is a bar made with all our favourite snacks and also everything that goes into Bombay's iconic Bhel. Each bar has a mix of potato chips, sev, bhel, chakli, ghatia and a house made spice mix cooked with jaggery! We took the best part of the chikki it's crunch and dialed it right up in our Super Crunch Chikki. Made with roasted nuts, seeds and dried rose, this chikki is an absolute treat!

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