About the Chocolatey Rakhi Bag

For the sibling who eats, breathes and dreams of all things chocolate!

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  • Products Chocolatey Rakhi Bag Parle

Chocolatey Rakhi Bag (Mumbai only)

With Rakhi + Choco Butterscotch Barks (200g)


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For the sibling who eats, breathes and dreams of all things chocolate!


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Contains Nuts

Contains Gluten

Contains Lactose

Contains Soy

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100% Veg

Preservative Free


What's in the Chocolatey Rakhi Bag
  • Chai Biscuit Choco Barks

  • Choco Butterscotch Barks

  • Parle-G Fudge

  • Indie Bar

Featured in

The Magic Behind The Mithai!

The Chocolatey Rakhi Bag is for the ultimate chocolate loving brother or sister!

It has our signature Choco Butterscotch Barks, the limited-edition Chai Biscuit Choco Barks, Parle-G Fudge and our latest treat, the Indie Bar! A rendition of our classic Choco Butterscotch Barks, the Chai Biscuit Choco Barks are made with two layers of dark chocolate compound sandwiching a layer of chai spice caramel made with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and crushed parle-G biscuit. It is then garnished with roasted almonds, sea salt and Parle-G making each bite crunchy, nostalgic, buttery and oh-so-sweet.

Our Parle-G Fudge is a delicious amalgamation of two of our favourite treats - Bombay’s 3 Layer Fudge and the very nostalgic and iconic Parle-G biscuit. We switched out the chocolate peda with a special Parle-G peda, layered it with 55% dark chocolate ganache, and an almond hazelnut praline for crunch, crumbs of Parle-G of course and garnished it with a cashew tuile and a crunchy Parle-G biscuit. Each bite is absolutely buttery, decadent and irresistible! Lastly our Chocolatey Rakhi Bag also has the Indie Bar, a chocolate bar where the worlds of mithai meet chocolate! The Indie Bar is made with layers of flaky patissa, pepper caramel and soft coconut fluff making the chocolate bar rich and wholesome yet perfectly balanced!

Delivery 101

Here is everything you need to know about getting your favourite mithai & sweets to your doorstep.