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A brother and sister’s relationship is like none other. One that transforms from tugging pony tails, childish banter and playing mom’s favourite to being each other’s biggest protectors, cheerleaders and best friends. Each year the strength of this bond is renewed with the sister tying a sacred thread around her brother’s wrist, the brother in return gifts

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Why Diwali is the best festival for sweet meats in India

There is something truly magical in the power of chocolate! It picks you up on the bad days and feels like the most well-earned reward on the good ones. Just like you, we too enjoy our dose of chocolate sweets and mithai on any given day! While several mithai shops offer chocolate mithais in the form of burfis and pedhas in keeping with the trend, we knew we wanted to use this ingredient differently. Every time our halwai chefs experiment with chocolate, they ensure that the two compliment each other wonderfully allowing the mithai to shine as much as our tempered chocolate!

Currently on the menu, we have quite a few chocolate sweets and mithai for you and your loved ones who eat, sleep and dream of all things chocolate! One of Bombay Sweet Shop’s best sellers, our Chocolate Butterscotch Barks is a brittle that has been inspired by a lesser known Indian treat. When our Chief Mithaiwala was travelling through Lucknow, he tasted a local delicacy called Kadak Sohan Halwa. It is essentially a flat disc, made by cooking together wheat flour, refined flour, sugar and lots of ghee! This thickened mixture is then poured over mixed nuts in a round mould and left to set resulting in a sweet that can easily be fooled for a biscuit! The mouthfeel of a Kadak Sohan Halwa is almost like a buttery caramel and the texture is quite brittle! The ‘brittle’ attribute of this sweet treat was rather unique and stayed in Chef’s mind. He wanted to reinterpret the same texture of the Kadak Sohan Halwa and experimented with Barks! Barks are sheets of chocolate that are usually topped with nuts, dry fruits and candy and are medium thick in nature.