The Diwali Collection

Our favourite season - one marked by twinkling streets, teen patti invites and abundant cheer - is finally here. A festival that celebrates new beginnings in all shapes and forms. In India we love pulling out all the stops when it comes to celebrating Diwali. You’ll spot abundance in every corner - from the gratitude in our hearts to the galore of lights and diyas, the gleaming new clothes we gift each other and finally the extra seats and sweets at each table. The season of Diwali is celebrated with utmost grandeur and extravagance alongside family, friends and loving neighbours! 

Diwali at Bombay Sweet Shop

While you juggle the family hungama, last minute dash for Diwali essentials, the shopping frenzy and zero in on taash party invites, the most important task is left on that to-do list: the meetha and the namkeen duty!  We know how important this piece of the puzzle is and we are here to make you look like the hero at your Diwali celebration. At Bombay Sweet Shop in Byculla, behind two wooden doors, you’ll find everything you need for a big, bountiful Diwali! 
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Some would argue that Diwali is an excuse to eat a year’s quota of sweets and brag about it. We’ve made selecting sweets a piece of (milk)cake by creating a range of assorted boxes for each kind of sparkling celebration! From a special Diwali Box with our showstoppers of this festive season; Rabri soaked Doodh Boondi Laddus, fudgy caramel doused Dodha Barfis, silky Badam Paak and more, to an Assorted Kaju Box with all your favourite cashew numbers:  varq-covered Kaju Katlis, Kaju Pista Khubani Rolls and decadent Kaju Bon Bons. P.S we also have a box for all chocolate loving families too!


Doodh Boondi Laddu - Milk, besan and rabri laddu flavoured with javitri, topped with pistachio and rose petals. Badam Paak - festive take on the silky Mysore Paak with almonds, besan, ghee and cardamom. Pista Khubani Roll - A roll of Kaju Katli filled with pista barfi and khubani barfi, dressed with varq.

What is Diwali without the Magic of Mithai? We all have such vivid memories of enjoying a plethora of sweets every year! From all the home-made traditional treats we make for our loved ones like laddus and karanjis to all those customary sweets that we pick up from our favourite neighborhood mithai shop like katlis and barfis, Diwali and Mithai go hand in hand. For our second Diwali collection we have an abundantly festive collection of stellar mithai to make your Diwali a whole lot brighter! 

Buy Diwali Mithai Boxes

Our Diwali Collection has a box and hamper for each kind of celebration. Our mithai assortment this year has certain returning favourites from our first Diwali as well as some new showstoppers! Wonder which mithais made it to this year as well? Our Doodh Boondi Laddus, Dodha Barfis, Malai Peda and Cutting Katlis are back because of all the love they received. Let’s introduce you to these mithais if you didn’t taste them last year. The Doodh Boondi Laddu is a festive treat hailing from Rajasthan. The batter is made with milk and while the halwai prepares the boondi , he splashes water into the ghee in regular intervals that causes rapid caramelization of the boondi giving it that chocolate brown colour. As soon as the boondis cook, they are immersed in a kadai of rabri making it all the richer. These laddus are then rolled with cashews and pista and finally garnished with a blushing red rose petal. Next up is the Dodha Barfi. This fudgy sweet is in fact a winter mithai from the Northwest Frontier. What makes this sweet rather exclusive is that it uses sprouted wheat flour that gives it that unique texture only available during the winter. Our Dodha Barfis are doused in caramel and garnished with white chocolate. The Kaju Katli, Diwali’s most ritualistic sweet treat at Bombay Sweet Shop, takes the form of cutting Katlis inspired by Bombay’s love for one by two, perfect for sharing. Lastly, this luxurious collection also has one of our classics; the Malai Peda. Diwali is about new beginnings and what better way to wish someone than with something auspicious and Malai Peda filled with a rich dry fruit filling of figs, nuts and orange zest is just that. 

Now in terms of this year’s showstoppers, we have an all new Badam Paak, a Pista Cubani Roll and a glittery avatar of our Kaju Bon Bons, dressed for the occasion. The Badam Paak is inspired by everyone’s favourite melt in the mouth treat, the Mysore Paak and the Pista Cubani roll in fact completes every Diwali mithai box. We can’t think of a Diwali Box without this sweet roll. 
You can get a taste of all these mithais in our Diwali Mithai Box. If you are a lover of cashew mithais, our Kaju Box is the apt choice! Filled with all our favourite cashew numbers, Cutting Katlis, Kaju Bon Bons and Cubani Rolls, this box is perfect for gifting. If your loved one is completely chocolate obsessed, our Chocolate Box is the one you must get.   

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