Box of Hope

Begin the year by thanking your 2020 Covid hero

Box of Hope

When good news arrives, it’s always celebrated by sharing sweets. Last year, when Bombay was at its lowest during the Covid pandemic, we saw hundreds of people come through for each other. Each one of us found a hero in someone who got us through the tough year that it was and kept our hope alive. The Box of Hope is an initiative to thank those heroes. After all, our sweet shop is an ode to this invincible city!

The maushi who stayed with your grandparents. Your local kaka who delivered groceries right to your doorstep. A doctor who made the time to check in on you, mothers who were always a phone call away, or the neighbour who offered help even before you asked. When the days and nights became one, life came to a pause and our hope was diminishing- there was someone in each one of our homes who kept us going, who kept the spirit of Bombay alive. 

As we step into a new year, we want to carry forward the hope we rediscovered in 2020 by sending 1000 boxes to those heroes who were your beacon of hope during the tough times. You can help us do so by simply sharing the name and address of the person who helped you get through last year. In order to show them our gratitude, we will send them a box of sweets* for their relentless support.

For the box, we’ve collaborated with Mumbai-based artist, Sneha Dasgupta whose emotionally-charged work often features Bombay and its people. The limited edition sleeve showcases a snapshot of the city under lockdown during day and night. If you peer into each house, you’ll find a custodian of Bombay, symbolised by the blue Box of Hope. Zoom out, and you see it's butterfly effect, the magnifed happiness spread all across. As we step into the new year, we offer our sweetest respect to those who have helped us come this far. You give Bombay its strength. Thank you.

*We only request you to pay a small delivery charge, the rest is all taken care of by us. Deliveries starting on 6th January until stocks last.

Terms & Conditions:

  • As we want to be able to bring a smile to as many people's faces as possible, the Box of Hope is limited to 1 per person/sender who is gifting the box and per household.
  • Our current delivery radius is limited to Mumbai district only, so please send your gift to someone who lives within the city.
  • Your gift will be delivered within 1-3 days of the delivery date selected
  • This is only available for delivery, and not in-store or pick up.
  • We have 1000 boxes available, and will be able to send across your gift only until stocks last.