About the Kaapi Paak

Our take on the Mysore Paak with a hint of coffee & crunchy sesame seeds! Hand-made with love one by one - with only the best ingredients. Enjoy Mithai within 14 days.

Kaapi Paak Box

Our take on the Mysore Paak with a hint of coffee & crunchy sesame seeds! Hand-made with love one by one - with only the best ingredients. Enjoy Mithai within 14 days.

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Gluten Free

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Contains Caffeine

Contains Besan

Nut Free

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Anatomy of the Kaapi Paak

The Kaapi Paak brings together our love for the traditional Mysore Paak and a strong cup of joe! While preparing the soft Mysore Paak we add coffee powder at the start. Once set, the Kaapi Paak is cut in equal sizes and topped with a dash of sea salt and white & black sesame seeds.

The Magic Behind the Mithai!

The Mysore Paak is possibly not just the most known mithai from South India but probably also the most loved one. The tale associated with this famed sweet is that it was created by the chief chef of Mysore for the king who was asked to be surprised by something completely new and out of the ordinary. The chef tossed gram flour, ghee and sugar together in a kadhai, cooked it down and presented a fudgy sweet to the king that he absolutely loved. This today, is the soft Mysore Paak that is popularly enjoyed. Our Chief Mithaiwalla learnt how to make Mysore Paak in a local house in Coimbatore and spent several months perfecting the technique. To add a Bombay Sweet Shop touch, we decided to add a flavour so innately South Indian, coffee! We cook the gram flour and sugar with a2 ghee. This type of ghee is procured from Indian cows and is thicker and healthier. We then add coffee powder to this and cook the mixture thoroughly until it leaves the ends of the kadhai. The Kaapi Paak is then left to set on trays and then cut evenly with our guitar cutter. To add a different dimension of texture, we top it up with black sesame seeds from Assam that are slightly acidic and white sesame seeds from Rajasthan that are slightly sweet to give you a little break from the sweet and for that pleasant bite.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Preshit Joshi

Kaapi Paak Box

Divya Radhakrishnan

Absolutely brilliant loved it and recommended to all
My friends and family

Paula McGlynn
Melt in your mouth amazement

The Bombay Sweet Shop’s Kaapi Pak blew my mind - a perfect mix of earthy coffee comfort, with buttery melty texture that’s not too sweet and covered with nutty toasted sesame that rounds everything out to create the ultimate mithai… in my humble opinion.

Shweta Raikwar

Kaapi Pak Box

Kanika Bahl
Kaapi paak

Very delicious. Just love the innovation to the traditional mithai. One of my favourite now .

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