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From The Halwai

From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

Mango Desserts and Mithai

Summer in India is synonymous with one thing - mangoes! Be it north, south, east or west the whole country is rewarded with this golden-hued glory for a few months every year. From regional picks like baiganpalli, langda and kesar to all-time favourites like the famous alphonso and raspuri, there truly is a mango for every mood. This Summer, Bombay Sweet Shop celebrates the season’s finest fruit in our new mango desserts! 

Our mango mithais draw from collective memories of sitting around the dining table, eagerly reaching out for juicy slices of freshly cut mangoes, silently competing with one’s family for the best bites. While the mango brings all of us immense joy during the sweltering heat, there is a downside - no matter which way you cut it, it can never be divided equally. Some of us end up with the juiciest pieces, while others are left with the seed or gutli . More often than not, rasping on the fibrous seed can be a bit of a chore, so we decided to do something about it! In our latest offering, we #CancelTheGutli and swirl our sweets with the juiciest, pupliest parts of the mango. The Mango dessert and mithai collection is our way of making sure everyone in your family gets to enjoy equally! No more fighting over who gets the best piece, because each of our mango mithais and desserts have been crafted to ensure every bite is redolent with everyone’s favourite fruit. It’s the meethi, new way to enjoy summer!

Based on our long-standing favourites like amba burfi and shrikhand, as well as newer sweet treats like gummies, our mango mithais are a combination of old-school desserts and modern technique. Whether you’re a purist looking for the classic summer sweets of yore, or an adventurer seeking delight in every bite, there’s a bit of the old with splashes of new in our mango desserts. And that means we have five exciting mango mithai for you to share with your loved ones, or enjoy by yourself.

Our Aamba Jam Burfi is a soft mango burfi, filled with a house-made mango jam and studded with cashews for extra richness. Garnished with sunny marigold petals, one bite of this beauty and we promise you’ll be swooning! 

Sink your teeth into a Mango Kheer Kadam to find layers of deliciousness - melt-in-your-mouth rasgulla coated in fudgy mango pedha and rolled in flaky desiccated coconut. 

Marrying the best of two traditional sweets, our Mango Moti Paak combines classic saffron-scented motichoor boondi with the summery sweetness of a mango-pista kalakand for a sweet treat unlike any other!

One of our favourite mango desserts is recreated in the form of our Mango Shrikhand - creamy, tangy yoghurt swirled with the goodness of golden mango puree and peppered with toasted charoli seeds for a crunchy contrast. 

If you grew up with chewy and tart gummy candies, our Mango Tamarind Jujubes are the perfect snack on your work desk for a quick and tangy pick-me-up!

Psst… We also have an ever-changing selection of specials every weekend to tickle your mango fancy. From fresh Jalebis with Mango Rabri to fluffy Mango Shahi Buns bursting with mango custard, your mango dessert cravings just became a lot easier to fulfill!

We believe that the box is as important as the sweets it contains, and hence have reimagined the lovable kitsch of pethis in our packaging design. The bright red box with rough and ready two-toned mango illustrations is our ode to the iconic boxes of mangoes one finds in local markets. Complete with enthusiastic and reassuring declarations like ‘A+ Flavours’ and ‘Contains preserved traditions’, our packaging aims to spark the same level of excitement one has while opening a fresh pethi of mangoes, packed with hay and heady aromas.

Whether you’re looking for the most delicious way to beat the heat or bring a smile to someone’s face, our Mango Box makes for the perfect solo indulgence or gift. To really make someone’s day, nothing beats our Mango Collection Hamper which contains a box of 9 Assorted Mango Mithai, tangy Mango Tamarind Jujubes and chilled Mango Shrikhand.

All our sweets are prepared and packaged with the highest safety protocols, so all you need to worry about is who gets the last burfi!

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