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From indulgent mithai, chocolatey sweets and sugar doused treats, we have something to put everyone in a good mood!

Bombay Sweet Shop’s best(sellers)!

Evidence at Bombay Sweet Shop suggests that not only kids but also adults behave quite similarly in a candy store. It is easy to get overwhelmed when you have an array of fresh Indian mithai to choose from. Especially when many of the reimagined Indian mithai, are ones you may not have never tried before! To solve this quandary, we have listed out the most popular Indian mithai and sweets you should try at Bombay Sweet Shop. 

Our best sellers include not only Indian mithai but also some unique sweet treats. Our box of 9 assorted mithai is one of the best sellers at Bombay Sweet Shop. When you can’t decide, just get a bit of every Indian mithai! This box includes our Nolen Gur & Coconut Kheer Kadam, Ferrero Rocker Laddu, Kaapi Paak, Milk Cake, Kaju Marzipan Bon Bon, Dulce De Leche Peda and Malai Peda. This assortment of pedhas, burfis and laddoos sprinkled with the magic of Indian mithai is all you need. 

Our Nolen Gur & Coconut Kheer Kadam is a Malai Peda with juicy Nolen Gur Rasgulla, coated in desiccated coconut. Laddus don’t get much better than this. If you are a fan of besan laddus and Ferrero Rocher, look no further than our Ferrero Rocker Laddu. It is our homage to both, the popular hazelnut treat and our beloved besan laddu. This box also has our version of the popular South Indian mithai, the Mysore Paak. Our version at Bombay Sweet Shop has an extra kick of caffeine and toasted sesame seeds, with the same melt-in-your-mouth effect. This one wins hearts very quickly. If you know us by now, you know we like a bit of decadence at Bombay Sweet Shop. Therefore, our Milk Cake has a luscious caramel glaze and is topped with a chocolate tuile. 

Our Kaju Katli inspired chocolatey-Kaju Marzipan Bon Bon is a heavenly treat bound to satiate your chocolate cravings. Our take on the Banarsi Lal Peda stuffed with dulce de leche and peanut brittle, our Dulce De Leche Peda is filled with goodness and the incredible magic of mithai. The Malai Peda on the other hand is stuffed with emerald pistachio, figs, orange zest and rose water. A treat fit for the Gods.

The most popular sweet treat is our irresistible Chocolate Butterscotch Barks. Every day, tens of kilos of chocolate butterscotch Barks are freshly made at Bombay Sweet Shop. The aroma of melted butterscotch and chocolate coming together to make this almond dotted brittle is the only sales pitch this needs. Our other best seller is the Indie Bar. With layers of patissa, coconut fluff and pepper caramel, our Indie bars will remind you of your favorite childhood chocolate bars. The best part is, you can get a box of our assorted mithai and the Indie bars together! 

And if you really can’t make a decision, may we suggest our best-selling Care Package! All the goodness from Bombay Sweet Shop, all in one bag. You can now get a box of assorted mithai, Indian cookies, Bombay Bhel Chikki and a pouch of Chocolate Butterscotch barks. Our Indian Cookies are inspired by buttery melt-in-your mouth Nankhatai. It’s the perfect tea-time snack. The best part? It’s gluten-free. Our Bombay Bhel Chikki is an ode to snacking culture in India. It has all the crunchy, sweet and savoury elements of seeds, ghatia, chakli, sev, chips, nuts and bhel all in a bar! If you like sweet and savoury, look no further. 

Whether you like mithai, sweet treats or something sweet and savoury we have you covered. If you are wondering how to order, visit our website and check out our Best Sellers collection. You can also order for same day deliveries, if you are within our delivery radius, by visiting our Thrive website. Even better, if you are in the Byculla area, swing by our mithai factory and get a quick sample of all our Indian mithai and sweet treats before getting a hamper or two for your friends, family and yourself. Apart from our classic best sellers, we also frequently introduce new items for festivals and seasons, so keep an eye out on our Instagram page for new launches! 

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