A time when Mithai was more than just for celebrations!

From doubling up as a secret meeting spot for freedom fighters to exchange messages to window racks displaying tri coloured Khoya Barfis and Jawahar Ladoos as silent protests during the freedom struggle, this was a time when Mithai shops went beyond celebrations and saw itself play a significant role in history. While certain Mithai came into play to unite, some came out of separation and diaspora. 


 This article by Pushpesh Pant for Scroll.in talks about how our most loved Mithais originated through the freedom struggle and migration of communities and spread through various parts of the world, each having their own rendition but all having one common source. For, he says while men may redraw boundaries on the political map, it is impossible to divide the shared heritage of a sweet taste!

Have you tried our rendition of the Patissa or Karachi Halwa yet?